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Bullets: Oklahoma’s best-selling throwback jersey is not Barry Sanders

Tim Duffie on Kevin Peterson, baseball wins again and Marcus Smart talks about punching Matt Bonner.




This is the slowest news day I’ve seen since probably last summer…somebody needs to call for Gundy’s head again!

Baseball, rolling

After a 2-1 series win at TCU this past weekend, Oklahoma State has won eight straight conference series dating back to 2014. (Big 12 Sports)

Is Michael Freeman tracking to be Big 12 Pitcher of the Year? (PFB)

On how flat-seam baseballs have affected the sport. (SEC Sports)

Hawaii Rainbow baseball is happening (via Aaron Schnautz). (ESPN)

OSU beat Wichita State last night. (okstate)

Here are the highlights…

Football misc.

Tim Duffie on No. 1: “We open this thing up on defense to create some competition, because we have some depth and to keep Kevin (Peterson) on the edge; not let him relax.” (okstate)

So…about that having three QBs thing… (Yahoo)

A former Oklahoma State football player is making his bones by acting in Los Angeles these days. (Scout)

Golf things

“If you grow up in Texas and you don’t like golf and football they drown you at an early age.” (Deadspin)

I did a Masters mailbag for CBS yesterday. (CBS)

Here’s why Rickie Fowler only has one win. (PFB)

Hoops misc.

Pokelahoma is crushing the interviews these days. He interviewed a “normal fan” who would rather watch the following show than watch Travis Ford coach: Who Am I? : A genealogy based show hosted by Les Miles where Les helps various Oklahoma State people track down their family histories. (CRFF)

Smart on not punching Matt Bonner in the nuts: “”Looking at the film, it does look a little intentional. But that’s not who I am. I’m not a dirty player, nor was I trying to (hit Bonner below the waistband).

“But looking at the film, I can definitely see where that comes into play. The NBA made the right decision with the one-game suspension and I’m just glad to be back out here tonight with these guys.

“You don’t find too many players in this league that still play that hard. So it’s something that I take pride in playing hard, but you’ve definitely gotta find a balance between it.” (Mass Live)

Other sports

The best-selling throwback jerseys by state. That’s not a Barry Sanders jersey I see in Oklahoma. (Deadspin)

We dominated the Academic All-Big 12 Equestrian squad. (Big 12 Sports)

Interesting…are we seeing the rise of America’s next big sports league? (Big Lead)

More stuff I’m reading

I agree with this on systems > goals…though most of the time it’s not that simple. (99U)

Flying through an eclipse (!) (Kottke)

How an Apple watch is made (via Kottke). (Atomic Delights)

Cool-looking new Netflix show with Coach Taylor.

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