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Bullets: OSU is clinging to its NCAA Tournament hopes

A look at the new coaches Mike Gundy hired, addressing the Daxx transfer rumors and Thunder get new unis.




The Tech loss

Travis Ford is obliterating the goodwill from his fan base he earned from the wins over Kansas and Baylor earlier in the month. (Fox SW)

Some lengthy and good quotes from both Travis Ford and Tubby Smith on Saturday’s game. (okstate)

In the end, does a team that can’t beat Texas Tech and TCU deserve to be in the Tournament? That’s a question OSU wants to avoid being asked by the selection committee. (NewsOK)

Thoughts and notes on the Tech game (if you hate yourself). (PFB)


Hoops misc.

Kansas didn’t get a foul called on it that would have negatively affected its game against Texas down the stretch. WHAT IS LIFE?! (Yahoo)

How are we still in the tournament? How are we still a single-digit seed? (CRFF)

Do we like the new Thunder alternates? (Fox SW)

Miranda Serna’s parents split $250,000. (NewsOK)

Greg Ostertag plays hockey now…? (Big Lead)

New coaches

Here’s a look at what OSU’s new “analysts” (don’t call them “coaches”) will do next season. (NewsOK)

Great work here on what we learned last week from Mike Gundy about OSU’s new coaches and the hiring process in general. (NewsOK)

Football misc.

On the irresponsibility of the Dez rumors. (Big Lead)

Daxx gone? It sure sounds like it. What is the NCAA record for transfers in a career and is he getting close to it? (CBS)

The toughest five jobs in college football include two from the Big 12. I think you can guess which two. (CBS)

Here’s what OSU’s athletic facilities look like in the snow. (Flickr)

It’s stunning to me that humans have pre-conveived biases that might affect the way they choose their sports teams for the postseason. (NewsOK)

I’m scared to know the ratings between offseason tugs-of-war and real college basketball games if both were televised at the same time. (CBS)

OSU has been good at scoring in the red zone, just not at scoring TDs. (ESPN)

Other sports things

OSU’s softball team burned a former player’s jersey and…I dunno. Like, I have zero idea what’s going on here. (Tulsa World)

Good Q&A with a former Peter Uihlein teammate. (CRFF)

Baseball things

Whoa, Michael Freeman shut down 23 in a row on Sunday. (okstate)

Midweek series with UNLV canceled. (okstate)

More stuff I’m reading

Inside the foster care system. Tragic stuff here. The ending… (LA Times)

The more we share the more we have. (Kleon)

How BuzzFeed won #TheDress sweepstakes. This is better than you think. (Kottke)

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