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Bullets: OSU destroys OU in Bedlam

Big 12 title game changing (?), Tyreek finds work (?) and Rickie Fowler’s Masters group is awesome.




OSU rolls OU

Great roundup of the 24-2 beating here. (PFB)

Josh Holliday: “That score is by no means a reflection of the quality of the ball club that we played. I assure you that. We pitched well. We swung the bat well. We played good defense. Sometimes the score gets out of hand.” (NewsOK)

Some great Bedlam photos. (okstate)

I loved this tweet.

I’m starting to wonder if sweeping Texas is an impressive feat anymore. But either way, the Cowboys looked good with a stout bullpen and a capable offense all weekend. Once the injuries heal, this team could become even more of a monster. (ESPN)

All the bombs were dropped.

Hoops misc.

Why the officiating at the Final Four was terrible. (NewsOK)

Geno Auriemma is 10-0 in title games. Wow. (Yahoo)

Wait, Duke-Wisconsin got the highest title game TV rating in 18 years? What would Duke-Kentucky have gotten?! (Yahoo)

Coach K dancing? Hooo boy. (Big Lead)

OKC players don’t know what “controlling our own destiny” actually means. (Deadspin)

Why James Harden is the real MVP. This is so good. (Grantland)

Football misc.

Oh good, we’re making an already-ambiguous process even more ambiguous. What could go wrong? (Tulsa World)

When Baylor punts on playing anyone spicier than a tablespoon of vanilla pudding in nonconference play, it relies on the rest of the Big 12 establish the worth of a league trophy. (Big 12 Sports)

OSU’s new OL coach doesn’t like to wear sleeves when it’s cold. (NewsOK)

Childs and Mays are getting the bulk of the opportunities this spring, but Carson’s chance is coming. It’s one reason I’m convinced the bell cow of OSU’s running game won’t be decided until the fall. (ESPN)



11 things we’ve learned about Big Cat this week. (CBS)

Rickie Fowler is in the 4th-best pairing on Thursday/Friday. I could be talked into second-best or third-best, too. (CBS)

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A simple, helpful guide to start your own blog. Excellent. (Becoming Minimalist)

One of my favorite books ever is a free download this week. (Christian Audio)

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