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Bullets: OSU has more tough road games than easy home games left

Why OSU is trying to flip verbals, Zac Robinson talks Tom Brady and highlights from the OSU-Baylor game.




Around the Big 12 basketball scene

Truth is, OSU has more tough home games remaining than easy road games. I feel like our NCAA bid will come down to the wire. (NewsOK)

Bill Self sounded excited about beating TCU by three points last night. “I’ve been to the dentist and got a root canal and may have enjoyed that more than the last two minutes.” (Big 12 Sports)

OU allowed the fewest points ever by a Big 12 team in a conference game on Wednesday. (AP)


Why OSU might try and turn somebody who’s already verbally committed elsewhere. (NewsOK)

Revisiting the top signings of 2014. (ESPN)

Super Bowl things

Kevin Williams and Russell Okung had some bizarre questions thrown at them at Super Bowl media day. (Tulsa World)

Zac Robinson on who he’ll root for in the Super Bowl. “You know I just have so much respect for that organization and for Brady. Tommy was good to me and helped me a lot when I was there. I’d like to see them kick that “deflategate” stuff to the curb. I always like to watch Tom Brady play quarterback and see him take over games. It is a lot of fun to see.” (Scout)

Marshawn Lynch talks a lot more than the dudes in the Premiere League. Good stuff here. (WSJ)

Satire: Everyone is pretending to not root for the Pats. (PFB)

Football misc.

In case you needed more proof that OSU had a bizarre football season. (Football Study Hall)

The line should return to being a strength for the Cowboys again. Crabtree, Lewis, Wilson and guard Jesse Robinson are all back. Oklahoma State also expects to sign a total of seven offensive linemen, including a trio of junior-college recruits as well as transfer Victor Salako, who manned left tackle for UAB last season.

Add that all together, and the Cowboys figure to be seasoned and deep in 2015. (ESPN)

Jimbo Fisher signed a contract that could be worth $44 million?! (CBS)

Gary Patterson walked 2.8 miles against Oklahoma State. #OffseasonPosts (Yahoo)

An interesting discussion about how everyone feels about Tyreek potentially coming back to Oklahoma State. (CRFF)

Basketball misc.

So…things are not going well for the OSU women. (okstate)

The Thunder might’ve even broken me. This is the official low point of the season. This is rock bottom. #Pray4Royce (Daily Thunder)

An OSU recruit is a McDonald’s All-American. (Dallas Morning News)

This on James Halligan and the OSU family is very good. (Tulsa World)

Highlights from Tuesday…

OU’s expansion-gate

Wait, so OU is not expanding its stadium because they have too much tied up in the market? (Sooner Scoop)

David Boren denies it.

Where have I heard that tale before? (WSJ)

Other sporting things

Cool interview with Alan Bratton here. (CRFF)

A beautiful sight.

Hah, these are great.

More stuff I’m reading

Watched Boyhood last night. It was terrific. All of the emotions. If you’ve seen it, here’s a fun piece on the lead actor. (Vulture)

Copying is the mighty force that has allowed the human race to move from stone knives to remote-guided drones, from digging sticks to crops that manufacture their own pesticides. Plenty of animals can innovate, but no other species on earth can imitate with the skill and accuracy of a human being. We’re natural-born rip-off artists. To be human is to copy. (99U)

Handwriting robots…wow. (Kottke)

Google Fiber is trying to solve a basic problem with American broadband service: using fiber optic cables, it’s possible to build internet service that is 10 to 50 times faster than the typical broadband connection today. (Vox)

This on college admissions is amazing. Applies to sports too. (Godin)

As a blogger, this “farewell” post from Andrew Sullivan is fascinating. I couldn’t stop reading it. (The Dish)

This looks good.

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