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Bullets: See who Glenn Spencer would take into a real war

Brandon Weeden’s No. 1 sports memory, Dana grabs his junk, and why Mike Cobbins has to sit the first few games of the season.





Quite the profile of Ofa Hautau here. He shampoos his hair four times a day and Glenn Spencer said if you literally had to go to war and fight for your life then Hautau would be the guy you should take with you.[1. Probably not the first or lastt time Spencer has thought about this.] (Scout)

Evan Epstein: “A lot of young players thought, ‘Wick hates me.’ But it’s not that. If anything, he hates everybody.” (NewsOK)

Brandon Weeden’s No. 1 sports memory? Not what you think. (NewsOK)

Cool post here on Ronald Jones. Go Pokes. (ESPN Insider)

Charlie Strong crowd-surfed after beating this dude. Texas ain’t what it used to be.. (CBS Sports)

You thought Mike Holder was going to fight a legal battle that he wasn’t going to win? Yeah right. If I’m Texas I just pay the $600,00 — whatever time Wickline will lose in recruiting to fight this is worth at least that. (NewsOK)

Baylor basically lit the city of Norman on fire on Saturday. For whatever it’s worth (not much, I suppose) I’m a Baylor over TCU guy when it comes to the College Football Playoff.

I like the idea of TCU being ranked ahead of them because they have a better loss but I can’t shake the fact that, you know, they played each other. (CBS Sports)

And yes, Baylor is about to win its second-straight Big 12 title. (CRFF)

Here’s what Gundy has awaiting him today. (Tulsa World)

At least OSU still has somebody in the freshmen top 10 power rankings? (ESPN)

The knock is OSU can’t run the ball effectively and Texas is a potential rushing juggernaut. I’m not sure if that is true, but my eyes made me believe it on Saturday. (Scout)

#HotTake (CBS Sports)

Gundy on QBs getting hit when he played: “When you laid on the ground out there…somebody would just kind of nudge you with their foot and told you to get up. Nowadays, six guys run out there to check on you.” (NewsOK)

Good stuff from Ubben on Week 11 in the Big 12. Norman is burning. (Fox SW)

Les gonna Les. (Yahoo)

The Devin Hedgepeth story.

I DIED at this.


Here’s why Mike Cobbins will have to sit at the beginning of the season. (Tulsa World)

Le’Bryan Nash after the exhibition game on Saturday: “This team go how far I go. I’m trying to be the best player in the country.” What could go wrong? (O’Colly)

Not to let Travis Ford talk you into this season but we really do have a lot of pieces. (NewsOK)

Marcus Smart was taken off the court in a stretcher (strapped down, no less) after spraining his ankle. (NBA)

More preview stuff here. Who’s going to score? That’s a big question I have.. (NewsOK)

Good mini-profile of Anthony Hickey. I like that he took responsibility for what happened at LSU. (NewsOK)

The best pics from Saturday’s game in GIA. (Flickr)

It sounds like the big man complement for Cobbins isn’t going well. (Scout)

Roy Williams can’t lose his job over this, can he? (CBS Sports)

Other sports

Rickie Fowler nearly won a WGC event in China over the weekend while most of us were sleeping. (CBS Sports)

OSU held its wrestling ranking matches over the weekend. More info here. (okstate)

All 71 of Messi’s Champions League goals. (Deadspin)

More stuff I’m reading

An oral history of Sports Night — one of the most underrated TV shows ever. h/t Kevin Porter (Entertainment Weekly)

Richard Deitsch writing about Simmons is always must-read for me. (Sports Illustrated)

This story about the seventh-strongest man in the world is in my queue. Looks fascinating. (Grantland)

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