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Bullets: The Big 12 schedule is still awful

Mason Rudolph visits Jesus’ tomb, a great golf book you should read and what’s OSU’s worst position unit?




Baseball postseason

OSU was one of 14 teams to make the postseason in football, hoops and baseball. That’s kind of cool, I suppose. (Football Scoop)

It goes even further.

So we get to host the Super Regional if we get past the bloodbath of ORU, St. John’s and Arkansas. That’s nice. (NewsOK)

The Big 12 only got three teams total into the regionals and probably wouldn’t have had that many if OSU had beaten Texas in the Big 12 title game. (Big 12 Sports)

Some great photos from the title game. (okstate)

Football misc.

Which positional unit will be best for OSU in 2015? (PFB)

Only the SEC schedules as poorly as does the Big 12, and the SEC has all the hype and the track record of recent national championships to tout. The Big 12 has neither. (NewsOK)

Everyone wants their passing game to revolve around getting their athletes in one-on-one match-ups in space where they become hard to tackle, whether you are a pro-style power run team or a four-wide Air Raid spread squad. However, the teams that are killing are the ones that set this up with the run. (Football Study Hall)

Loved this on how OSU flipped an offensive lineman right before signing day. Especially the part about him getting pulled out of class at the last minute. (NewsOK)

Hey, a positional unit we’re bad at. (ESPN)

Berry ranks the non-con schedules among Power 5 schools. (NewsOK)

Keith Ford is going to A&M (with Kenny Hill). (Yahoo)


Other sports

The course being played on the European Tour this week is … better than most. (Instagram)

Steph. (Big Lead)

But not all of those things need to happen for the Warriors to win. They win many games when only one of them does, and most games when two of them do. And when all three are present on the same night? My god, it is a sight to behold. (Deadspin)

Good stuff here on Brandon Weeden and the Patriot Cup (at the end). (Tulsa World)

More stuff I’m reading

Finished this over Memorial Day. I’m biased because Shane is a friend, but if you like golf and/or the dissection of complex personalities, it’s really good. Also, mercifully, no Tiger talk. (Amazon)

I haven’t listened to this Marc Marron-Terry Gross interview but it’s definitely in the queue. (NPR)

Do overs are possible, but they take guts. (Godin)

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