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Bullets: The Joe Wickline Effect

Le’Bryan lost 10 lbs, Boykin will wear a soft cast, and Cobbins Chamberlain is back!





I’m surprised at how poor Trevone Boykin’s completion percentage actually is. (NewsOK)

Texas was just as young, perhaps even less experienced, and the Longhorns have steadily improved on the offensive line. OSU has actually gotten worse on the offensive line as the season progresses. Is it Wickline? It would certainly appear so. (Tulsa World)

Not shocking that Bill Snyder is good in early games. Also, can we start using The Freek instead of The Freak? (Big 12 Sports)

OSU snapped its 57-game streak of at least 300 total yards, a run that had ranked second-longest nationally behind Oregon (59).  Thanks, Kansas. (ESPN)

Cool post here about using the 3-3-5 defense to contain a spread offense. (PFB)

Linked this in the roundup yesterday but it’s worth another. Really cool interview with Dave Hunziker. (CRFF)

Wait, Boykin WILL wear a soft cast on Saturday? (NewsOK)

TCU also has to play much smarter in coverage, because Garman likes to throw just as many deep balls as Petty does. (ESPN)

Joe Randle, cognitive error, and the Halo Effect. (PFB)

Tyreek Hill was a second team All-American at CBS. (CBS Sports)

Jimmy Bean wants to be Mike Gundy for a day. (okstate)

Doug Meacham recruited Ashton Lampkin. That’s an interesting twist on things this weekend. (NewsOK)

No more AT&T Cotton Bowl. Somebody on Twitter suggested this blog sponsor it and call it the “Pistols Firing Bowl”! (NewsOK)

Gary Patterson: “Obviously, I want to play great defense. You have to be able to even the playing field, and maybe we have to get used to winning 45-31.” (Yahoo)

Big fan of this new USC helmet. (CBS Sports)

TCU’s defense sounds fun — 19 sacks?! (CRFF)

The top five random OSU-TCU storylines. (PFB)

Joe Randle will be fined $30,000. (ESPN)

He also called the incident “the biggest mistake of (his) life.” (Fox SW)


The most pressing Big 12 media days question every year? Who Bill Self voted No. 1. (Big 12 Sports)

Ford on being voted 8th in the league: “I’ve been doing this so long as a head coach. I don’t get caught up in letting that define who we are, whether we’re first or last or anywhere in between.” (NewsOK)

Five great observations from Big 12 media days by Eamonn Brennan. (ESPN)

Good stories here from John Helsley on Cobbins Chamberlain’s return. Look, I appreciate his intangibles but I’m going to post his per game career stat line and Andre Williams’ per game career stat line below and you tell me which is which. (NewsOK)

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 7.46.44 AM Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 7.46.32 AM

Ford on Anthony Hickey: “He seems to be very hungry for this opportunity to be able to play in the Big 12 and play at Oklahoma State in a system. I think, that’s going to fit him pretty good.” (Scout)

Le’Bryan lost 10 lbs. Ford finally spits some truth: “We want him to be a matchup problem. I don’t think we put him in enough positions to create as many mismatches. We’re hopefully going to do that a little bit more.” (Tulsa World)

Other sports

Some good photos from the OSU exhibition baseball game on Tuesday. (Flickr)

So the NCAA is trying to get schools to drop equestrian? (O’Colly)

All of the RTs forever.

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