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Bullets: The most bizarre Bedlams ever

Jenni Carlson could only find one person excited about Bedlam 2014 and Dez went hard on Thursday night.





The only person Jenni Carlson could find who was excited for Bedlam was a missionary to China who’s in town for a week. Bedlam 2014, everyone! (NewsOK)

There’s a mental block somewhere in the coaching staff, and in my opinion, it rests with Mike Gundy’s history against OU.

He sees the crimson helmet across the field and gets scared. I truly believe that. If that wasn’t the case, I think we would be the defending Big 12 Champions this season. (CRFF)

Bedlam is more than a game this year. Way more. (PFB)

Mike Yurcich will leave us this year with at least one good thing. (NewsOK)

Gundy keeps his program and his life insulated like the CIA of Stillwater. Only those with the highest security clearances get in. That means little to no information gets out. Good lengthy overview of Gundy’s reign in Stillwater. (O’Colly)

With Washington going against an OU secondary that has struggled at times this season, look for OSU to try to give him opportunities to make plays on deep passes down the field. (ESPN)

I traded questions with an OU blogger about what we’re going to see out of OU this year. (PFB)

Victor Irokansi on Perine: “If he didn’t touch a weight, he’d still be more talented than probably 99 percent of people who step on the field.” (Tulsa World)

Berry has OU by 35. I don’t think it’s going to be that big of a blowout. (NewsOK)

The key matchups for Bedlam on Saturday. Perine vs. Simmons might not favor Oklahoma State. (NewsOK)

Gundy to Corvallis? (CBS)

Gundy to Ft. Collins? (CBS)

UCF won on a Hail Mary on Thursday night and it was pretty impressive. (Yahoo)

Wow, F/+ has OU by 49! (Football Study Hall)

Good stuff here from Tramel on the most bizarre Bedlams ever. Great tales. (NewsOK)

Oh my.


Wait….TCU is undefeated in basketball?? (Big 12 Sports)

The old fake handshake for a steal and a dunk move. (Yahoo)

OSU has never started 8-0 under Travis Ford. (okstate)

Other sports

Tiger’s first day back though. (CBS)

“I’ve been thinking about it since after Minnesota. There will be a lot of energy in there, because everyone hates OU.” (O’Colly)

I’m already stoked about baseball season. (okstate)

John Smith is building himself a nice little Stillwater pipeline. (O’Colly)

I would not fare well at this.

More stuff I’m reading

This interview with the ESPN Ombudsman was pretty interesting. (Big Lead)

The cult of kiddie danger. (Weekly Wonk)

Your need to sleep is 80 percent genetic. Pretty interesting stuff here. (Vox)

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