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Bullets: The tears flowed for Le’Bryan Nash in defeat

Josh Furman had a great Pro Day, baseball highlights over Alcorn and OSU is still entrenched in the NCAA Tournament.




Bedlam loss

Nash got choked up after his fifth-straight Bedlam loss. (NewsOK)

My thoughts and notes on the loss last night. (PFB)

I might be in the minority here, but I really like Buddy Hield. Good column on him from Berry Tramel. (NewsOK)

Ford: “”This was more of us than it was about Oklahoma. The last game wasn’t, they took it from us. This game we just had guys that didn’t perform in the second half.” (Scout)

Ford: “That’s basketball. We tell our guys from the first day of practice, the night we’re not making shots, that’s when you better defend out of your mind. You better be great defensively. We were OK defensively, but not enough to overcome our offense.” (NewsOK)

Nash: “I’m always confident in my team and what we did and our resume. We had some good wins, three top-10 wins. I feel like everybody sees us as a tournament team.” (AP)

Jerry Palm does, anyway.

Photos from last night. (okstate)

Pro Day

Not really shocking, but Josh Furman was terrific at OSU’s Pro Day. (NewsOK)

James Castleman has a new outlook on life and it has nothing to do with football. He’s also under 300 lbs. now. (NewsOK)

Some good photos from Pro Day. (okstate)

Hoops misc.

Iowa State’s win was pretty awesome. A 12-0 run to end the game, including the game-winner? I’ll be rooting for them to win the next two games. (Yahoo)

I’m through with you, CRFF. (CRFF)

Steven Adams says KG and Perk make you question why you’re playing basketball when they trash talk you. That’s not surprising. (Daily Thunder)

Kyrie had 57 last night. I watched the end. It was insane. (Deadspin)

Football misc.

Here are 16 things we learned about OSU football this week. (PFB)

So we’re using head-to-head as the tiebreaker now to determined the Big 12 champ. (CBS)

Good post here about OSU’s new OL coach. Couple of haymakers in Bob Connelly’s direction, albeit probably unintentional. (Scout)

Guess who said this: “When we come back we’ll start playing real football and delivering blows. We’ll be violent and shed off blocks and make tackles, so I’m looking forward to cranking this thing back up.” (okstate)

Zac Robinson will participate in the NFL Veteran Combine. (Tulsa World)

SAE fallout

Berry Tramel tackles the Joe Mixon angle and why David Boren is booting the SAE students but keeping Mixon. I think his point is correct, I’m not sure Boren’s actions are (regarding Mixon). (NewsOK)

OU’s football team has released a statement about the whole thing and is demonstrating silently at Owen Field. (CBS)

Other sports

Here are baseball highlights over Alcorn St.

More stuff I’m reading

I really enjoyed this interview on how one designer does his work. Pulling zero punches. (99U)

Quite a quote on reading here. (Kleon)

The real subway map of Manhattan. (Kottke)

Wow, synchronized walking is a thing! (Now I Know)

You’ve never seen a kid in a suitcase before?

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