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Bullets: Travis Ford really likes where Jeff Newberry is at

Why Baylor played a NAIA team, only 26 teams enter 2015 on a two-game winning streak and is Mike Cobbins back?




Texas Tech recap

Ford on Tech: “One thing you don’t want to do is give anybody wide-open shots. And we gave them a lot of open shots because of second shots.” (NewsOK)

That was an issue last night that will be an issue going forward unless some of OSU’s big men (“big men”) step up and rebound.

Tubby Smith on why OSU blew the doors off in the second half: “It was them picking up their intensity.” (Tulsa World)

My notes and thoughts on the game. (PFB)

Ford: “We really like where Jeff Newberry is at. I know he’s been struggling a little bit, but he’s still a young basketball player, as far as playing at this level is concerned. He’s getting some valuable experience right now.” (Scout)

How about OSU doing in-game Vines? Pretty cool. (Tumblr)

Ford on Cobbins: “He’s been playing well in practice the last two days, and I thought he was terrific. He’s such a difference-maker on our team when he plays like that. It does so much for us.” (ESPN)

Photos from last night. (Flickr)

Around the Big 12

Bill Self on the Big 12: “But there’s no catching your breath [in the Big 12 this season]. Every week is a key week. So I do think it’s going to be pretty exhausting when we go into March. That doesn’t mean the teams will be tired going into the postseason; I’m not saying that at all. But I do think mental toughness will play a huge role in who’s successful.” (CBS)

Doesn’t bode real well for OSU.

This sounds crazy but Baylor played a NAIA team last night because it was supposed to be part of a movie. (Yahoo)

Really cool story on Rick Barnes’ grandkids being adopted. (ESPN)

Hoops misc.

I like this from Hammonds: “It’s stuck in our head. I don’t want to start anything, but that’s how it is. It’s Bedlam.” (NewsOK)

Anthony Hickey on why he’s leading the team in rebounds in conference play: “I think the bigs get kind of jealous ‘cause I’m taking all their rebounds, but I’m just helping them out. Doing whatever I can. … Give them credit. They make it easy. They’re just boxing out their man. I’m just able to come in and just get the rebound.” (O’Colly)

Kevin Durant is an effective scorer of the basketball. (Daily Thunder)

Ernie Johnson asked Russell Westbrook about his “execution” and it was pretty funny. (Big Lead)

OSU football

No quotes in here you haven’t but a good summation of the last few weeks with Gundy and OSU and what to expect for 2015. (ESPN)

ESPN has Ogbah as the 13th-best player in the Big 12. (ESPN)

Only 26 teams – and only TCU and OSU from the Big 12 – will enter the 2015 season with as many as two consecutive victories. (Tulsa World)

Baylor math

Art Briles says Baylor missed the playoffs by a 8-4 vote. (CBS)

Bill Hancock says that’s impossible. (ESPN)

Pokes in the NFL

More on the Dez/DeMarco stuff here. It sounds like a foregone conclusion that Dez will re-sign and DeMarco won’t. (Fox SW)

This is hilarious.

Cowboy baseball

Jon Perrin seems like a pretty interesting dude. (okstate)

More stuff I’m reading

Optimistic time vs. honest time. All of the guilt from me. (Godin)

Pretty cool — you can get Jon Acuff’s new book for free digitally when you pre-order it. (Acuff)

This is nerdy but I’m always intrigued by Kottke’s explanation of how he runs his website. (Kottke)

Really enjoyed this on blank space. Not about Taylor Swift. (Becoming Minimalist)

Watch the craziest part of those two dudes who scaled El Capitan. My hands are pouring sweat. (Kottke)

There are three things that have to happen at the same moment to cause a new behavior. You have to have the motivation to do it, the ability to do it, and a trigger must occur to remind you to do it. (99U)

Well this seems fascinating..

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