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Bullets: Why Mason Rudolph will start Bedlam

Forte on defense, Gundy on anonymous sources, and the weird line OSU used on Saturday.





Good find by Kyle Fredrickson digging up quotes on somebody else who got his redshirt pulled earlier this season — Brad Lundblade. Makes Gundy saying he wouldn’t name a starting QB for Bedlam look even sillier. It will be Rudolph. (NewsOK)

No time for Bedlam yet, I’m betting on 11 a.m. (NewsOK)

Also, this is in the queue.

I wonder how many defensive players have earned Big 12 player of the week against us. (NewsOK)

You know, if I’m AD I’m probably giving my agent my social media passwords, telling him to change them and not asking for them ever again. (Big Lead)

I didn’t notice this but OSU lined up four linemen to the left of the center and one to the right of him at one point on Saturday. Weird. (CRFF)

Gundy talks about anonymous sources and how he’s not participating in a conversation with Florida. That’s what everyone says, of course — it means nothing either way. (NewsOK)

Rudolph signed with OSU to play. He enrolled early to compete for the starting job. If it’s any other way in 2015 — Rudolph as a backup, maybe even trying the redshirt year again — chances are he will say adios to Stillwater and become Wes Lunt 2.0. (O’Colly)

Gundy says Rudolph played “pretty well” in Waco. Basically casting a Heisman vote for him. (Tulsa World)

Perine’s 427-yard game gets the Taiwanese animation treatment. (CBS)

Gundy trying to steal more players from Bill Snyder which is, of course, the best. (Scout)

Go ahead, look into those dead eyes and tell me Pistol Pete would think twice about blowing your head off. When this image came on my television I instinctively threw my wallet at it and ran away. (CBS)

Berry’s travel blog — the man loves him some Sonic. (NewsOK)

We’re back in the top 60 in FPI! I shouldn’t be this excited, should I? (ESPN)

I’m not really a Russell Wilson fan but this is great.


Notes and thoughts on OSU’s win over Oregon State last night. (PFB)

Forte: “There’s going to be nights when our shots aren’t falling, especially for me. This was one of those nights when I couldn’t hit much from the outside, but defense will always be there. You can always rely on that.” (ESPN)

Ford is right about Hickey here. He was immense last night. (Scout)

Btw we beat the “sexiest man in college basketball” last night. (Wikipedia)

I didn’t know how significant the Leyton Hammonds injury was. (NewsOK)

Matt Norlander isn’t sure how good OSU is but he does think Oregon State is awful. Also, Rick Pitino played four white guys and an Egyptian. (CBS)

The 2016 Maui Invitational will be phenomenal. Wow. UConn, UNC, Oregon, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and Oklahoma State. (ESPN)

Other sports

“It was the first summer that I’ve taken off from competitive wrestling since I was in the fourth grade.” (Scout)

More stuff I’m reading

The tl;dr version of the Bible. This is terrific. (Kottke)

If you don’t make a conscious choice for rest, you will find yourself always filling your time by ticking off items instead of giving yourself space to be in the moment—thinking, doodling, reading, musing, or doing whatever fills you creatively. (99U)

If you’re not proud of it, don’t ship it. If you are, sign your work and own the results. We’ll know who to thank. If you work for a place where work goes unsigned (internally, in particular) it’s worth asking why. <— Not anonymous, Gundy approved. (Godin)

My favorite part is that there’s more productivity lost yearly to poorly written emails than to spam. (99U)

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