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Bullets: Why OSU playing freshmen is such a big deal

Daxx feasting, Gundy on crossing the Red River, and a great Marcus Smart piece.




Back at it!


Must read on OSU’s youth and why this season is such a big deal. (ESPN)

Good point here — and not sure I realized it at the time — but OSU was just trying to stay afloat in that first quarter. (NewsOK)

OU players serenading a fan at a children’s hospital. Amazing. (Yahoo)

I love it when Kyle Fredrickson does an in-depth breakdown like this. Today’s is on Daxx’s intermediate passing (which could use some work). (NewsOK)

Things continue to go well for Brady Hoke. He sent a probably-concussed QB out on Saturday. (CBS Sports)

Charlie Strong used a literal dumpster fire to motivate his squad (maybe). (PFB)

In a little less than three games, Daxx Garman has completed 12 passes longer than 30 yards, including six against Texas Tech. No quarterback in college football has more in a single conference game this season.  (Fox SW)

Look at Amilian being on (ESPN)

Kevin Peterson to Ramon Richards on Saturday: “I told Ramon, I was worse than that. They were airing me out every play. Coach Jones, who’s at ‘Ole Miss right now, he used to get on my butt every play.” (O’Colly)

The Trevone Boykin celebration was amazing. All of the co-signatures. (Fox SW)

Winning while playing somewhat poorly is a good sign, and that’s exactly what the Cowboys did against Texas Tech. (NewsOK)

The Ole Miss helmets were spectacular. (CBS Sports)

Gundy on recruiting in Texas: “You can’t go in those homes (and recruit effectively) if you’re getting beat up down there,” Gundy said. “You have to give them a reason to cross the river. We’ve been fortunate.” Like it’s the Oregon trail! (Tulsa World)

Agree with this from Helsley: You have a chance to get the entire team involved in the next two weeks. (NewsOK)

Love this post. All things considered, the offense was pretty solid. They have a long way to go, with a fairly inexperienced quarterback and a sub-par offensive line, but the weapons are there. If the Cowboys are able to find their niche before their difficult back-half of the schedule, this offense can end up scoring a lot of points. (CRFF)

The Big 12 won’t let Bill Snyder wear his windbreakers anymore? Is this real?? (Yahoo)

Cool infographic from the OSU-Tech game by Michael Lane. (PFB)

I love Whetsell’s stream-of-consciousness posts on OSU games. They’re the best. (CRFF)

The Cowboys may or may not have a Dez Bryant or a Justin Blackmon or a Rashaun Woods; time will tell. But then, they may — at least — have the equivalent of multiple Josh Stewarts or Adarius Bowmans or Tracy Moores or D’Juan Woodses. (NewsOK)

Texas Tech blogger is mad at Berry Tramel for comparing Kliff to Anna Kournikova. Really mad. (SB Nation)

It’s a good thing that OSU is adding a linebacker to the mix. They just need to get him some reps. (NewsOK)

Haha, this series of events is amazing.

Oh my.



Great article here on Marcus Smart’s past. It’s mostly stuff you already know but the writer went to his old stomping grounds with Smart and it’s a pretty cool read. (Boston Globe)

Speaking of Smart, he and John Lucas are on the same team now. (Fox Sports)

I love this from Berry: On the original Chianti Roberts. (NewsOK)

Other sports

There was a homicide in the Rickie Fowler-Rory McIlroy match on Sunday at the Ryder Cup. (CBS Sports)

They both wore wigs after it was over, though. (CBS Sports)

More stuff I’m reading

Finished this last night. Excellent stuff on tiny houses if you’re interested. (Amazon)

How Bill Simmons lost Bristol will devour you whole. (Deadspin)

This from Jeff Bezos on changing your mind is awesome. I love it. (37 Signals)

A different kind of reader. (Medium)

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