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Bullets: Yurcich says Cowboys must ‘stay steady in their plan’

Crazy half-court shot, Yurcic’s out-date cultural references, and the NCAA Tournament is coming back to Oklahoma.





Mike Gundy is the favorite to get the Florida job. (PFB)

Do we still think the Boone Pickens-Mike Gundy thing isn’t a thing? This is what happens when somebody gives $923 billion to a school and you can’t get a first down. (NewsOK)

Berry Tramel says the committee should have Oregon No. 1. (NewsOK)

Bob Stoops…has turned down the Gators more than Pharaoh did the Israelites. (NewsOK)

So Tech’s old defensive coordinator was giving away signals? Wow. (Yahoo)

Unfortunately, as the play-calling efforts have slowly improved, the performance of the players have rapidly declined. (CRFF)

Notes from Gundy’s Monday press conference. It was a gem. (PFB)

Mike Yurcich: “I don’t think you can just abort the offense and what your players know. That’s very important. I think we have to get better at every position. But at the same time, we have to stay steady in our plan.” (NewsOK)

For Florida that name is Mike Gundy. Gundy may not be the first name Florida fans will mention on their wish list, but he could end up in the conversation depending on how the search process plays out. (CBS Sports)

Charlie Strong says five losses will never happen again. Might not want to put a number on it, Chuck. (Yahoo)

Pretty funny “Mike Yurcich doesn’t understand culture” exchange here. Heather Locklear?! (Tulsa World)

Recapping Week 12 in the Big 12. (PFB)

Look it up.

So this Oklahoma high school coach is taking his firing…well.

Spencer’s Monday media meeting.


The NCAA Tournament is coming back to Oklahoma. (NewsOK)

OSU has a basketball game tonight and it’s on TV. (okstate)

Leyton Hammonds calls Anthony Allen a “wild horse” which is hilarious for reasons I can’t pinpoint yet. (NewsOK)

The image of Jim Littell, now Budke’s successor as Cowgirl’s coach, in tears as he told Alex Budke, Kurt’s oldest son, how his father will be there with him with every jump shot, every dribble, every time he takes the floor is something that will stay with me for life. (O’Colly)

Angel Rodriguez is still in school? Hitting game-winners against Florida, no less. (CBS Sports)

The NCAA leader in 3-point attempts in 2013-14, VMI, averaged 27.5 per game. In each of its two wins to start the season, Oklahoma State has taken 29. (Tulsa World)

We could be in for one of the slowest college basketball seasons ever. I long for the days of the 24-second or 30-second shot clock in college hoops. (KenPom)

Brittney Martin was Big 12 Player of the Week. (Big 12 Sports)

Another good remembrance of Coach Budke. (CRFF)

The wildest half-court shot ever. Really, ever. (Yahoo)

TCU beat a team by 30 last night??!

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