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Chris Carson coming to OSU because he ‘needs’ to get to the NFL

A sobering reminder of what exactly we’re watching on Saturdays.



On Monday Chris Carson decided to commit to play running back at Oklahoma State instead of the University of Georgia.

The most obvious reason for the Georgia native to switch his commitment to OSU was that it could promise immediate playing time — especially for a junior college transfer like Carson.

The real reason is a lot more sobering.

Carson spoke with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Tuesday about why he switched from Georgia to OSU and yes, playing time had something to do with it, but so did making it to the NFL.

“The people that really know me and know my situation, including my family being homeless for a while…they know I need to get to the NFL,” said Carson.

“That’s probably the best way out for my family. They understand the reason for my decision, and they know that Oklahoma State is the best way for me to try to achieve that goal.”


“We’re struggling financially. Our house in Lilburn burned down the day after Christmas last year. We’ve been living in hotels and stuff like that. Right now, we’re renting out a house, and we don’t know how long we can afford to rent that out.

“We’ve been like this for about a year now. It’s me, my parents and my little brother. We’re just real low on money right now.”

I need to get to the NFL.

That’s a tough thing to read, honestly. Most of us watch and follow games because they’re fun and because we like them — they are hobbies for us to pursue with friends.

So to read something like that kind of snaps you back to reality.

I don’t know that Carson’s situation is isolated or whether it’s common — you certainly don’t hear many college players openly discuss it, though.

“I talked to my family some more, and something in my gut told me that Oklahoma State was the best fit for me. It’s just the fact that they’re thin at running back.

“I’ve only got two seasons to make something happen, to possibly get myself to the NFL Draft. There was a big opportunity at Oklahoma State. Why risk that by going UGA? Nick Chubb is already established at running back there.”

As a fan of Oklahoma State things I’m glad Carson is coming to Stillwater. Really, I am.

But I’m also hopeful that someone points Carson towards the academic center for athletes and shows him that there are other ways to make a living besides the NFL.

Because no matter how high that ceiling is (and it is certainly high for Carson), it can always come crashing down in an instant.

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