Colin Cowherd Has Oklahoma State as 2017 Playoff Team

Written by Kyle Porter

Oh it’s early. It’s so, so early. It’s “we’re still talking about Spring Ball, wondering who QB2 is going to be and placing wagers on where Mike Gundy is going to vacation this summer (Reno, Nevada is the 2-1 favorite)” early. But still, college football is sort of wriggling over the horizon right now, and people are already thinking about fall 2017.

Oklahoma State goes into the season with probably its best ever chance to play for a national championship — even better than 2011 because there are twice as many teams that can play for it and your pedigree doesn’t have to be as a top 10 recruiting school to do so (as Michigan State and Washington have proven in the last two years).

Fox Sports’ Colin Cowherd is picking Oklahoma State as a playoff team along with Carson Cunningham’s beloved USC, Florida State and Alabama. Whoo boy, I am here for all of that.

“My four teams that I really like this year are Florida State, Alabama, USC and I’m going to throw a dark horse at you, Oklahoma State,” said Cowherd. “I’m going to throw a dark horse at you, Oklahoma State.”

OSU fits the bill of a national title dark horse considering it’s not even the favorite to win its own conference.

  • Matt Belanger

    Colin should never say “put some respeck on that” ever again

  • PonchoPete

    is bullet the dark horse he is referring to?

  • Mark

    Look, even as a fan I think this is crazy. Do I see on paper that OSU may have the talent to make the 1st round of the playoff? Sure. But “on paper” means jack-squat when it comes to Bedlam.

    If OU is in the conference title hunt, I will not be convinced OSU has a shot, period. I don’t see us beating OU twice. And make no mistake, that’s the ONLY way we get into the playoffs. We not only have to beat OU on the field, but we also have to overcome helmet sticker bias in the eyes of the CFPC.

    If we do have to play them twice, I am predicting a 1-1 series. If OU stumbles and ends up missing out on the Big 12 Championship game altogether, then I like our chances against anyone else, and I’ll start getting REALLY excited.

    • oSutoothdoctor

      Mark my words, the Big 12 conference title game will cost someone in the conference a chance at the playoff. Dumbest idea ever. Thanks David Boren

      • spokepokes

        Agreed 100%. It will end up costing the Big12 a shot at the playoff. A GUARANTEED REMATCH!!! WHY??!!

        • Alum in AZ

          It will… but not every year. Let’s just say “Not this year. Not to us.”

      • Scott Stone

        Absolute agreement. Conference title rematches are terrible in any league, but particularly terrible in a round-robin league where it’s a 100% certainty. This title game is a combination of a huge overreaction to being excluded in 2014, and a blatant money grab.

        Say we lose to OU in our conference game and beat them in a title game. Anyone taking a bet that we’d get in over a 1-loss SEC team, or a helmet school from any league? OU might be able to pull that off (due to helmet school bias), but even they would have been much better off without the game if you reverse that scenario.

      • Frank Eaton

        Yep. Should have added two teams, made divisions, and moved on. Thought it was difficult to make the CFP before this? HA. Now we’re really f*****.

      • Adam M.

        What’s worse is this game has been implemented a year after the CFPC proved to everyone a conference title game win doesn’t guarantee your name in the hat for the CFP in your respective conference. I just went full Robert Allen there.

    • OSU Student

      Completely agree. And I think we are better than OU this year. But we have a hard enough time beating them once a year, I have almost 0% confidence that we can beat them twice. I don’t care if that makes me a bad fan, until I see it, I can’t believe it.

      • OSU Student

        I personally think the only way we have any chance at all of making the playoff is if OU slips multiple times and doesn’t make it to the conference title game. We could beat anyone else in the league twice, but I don’t see us beating OU twice.

        • Mark

          Yep. That is exactly the point I was trying to make above. It doesn’t matter WHICH of the two OU games we win – only winning one of them will not be enough. The only chance, as you said, is if OU loses to Ohio State and drop a couple of B12 games.

    • T-Bone

      You want a Championship, you have to beat the good teams. If you are not good enough to beat them, you don’t win.

      Why such pessimism? Of course, we can beat OU twice in a season. We have talent. It’s not like our team is a bad team in a conference of bad teams. OU would have to beat us twice as well.

      The loser mindset from the fans doesn’t really help the situation. OU is a perennial winner. They have talent. We are trying to take the next step and we are on the verge. Of course we can do it.

      • Stepdaddy

        Why such pessimism? Because Gundy historically has lost even when OSU is favored, that’s why. Also his coaching philosophy is to coach not to lose against OU rather than coaching to win. I hope this year is different. For those fans that believe we are more talented this year than OU, then what excuse are the fans going to make if OU kicks OSU’s ass again? That’s something the mullet worshippers need to consider.

        • Sonny

          I’m afraid Gundy might have to miss a couple games this year. He might have to have a family emergency during the first meeting with OU, and come down with bird flue or something during the second. It might be good time to start talking to the Stillwater police chief and let him know that Gundy won’t really be “missing”. He was just tied up, thrown into a pickup and taken on a snake hunt.

        • AHiggs

          When have we ever been favored over OU? 2011 maybe? (we won that year)

          • Oklahoma State University

            OSU was favored in 2010, 2011, 2013 for sure. OSU won one out the three. Not good. Because of the way Gundy chokes in Bedlam, I can see why you would think OSU is never favored.

  • Hal

    He’s gotta be talking about bullet

  • Clint

    Not a giant fan of Cowherd…but I’m weak-kneed!!!

  • Tyler

    Colin Clownherd*

    I truly wonder if Fox tells it’s talking heads to push Big 12 & Pac 12 teams since they have contracts together. ESPN certainly fuels the SEC hype train even when Bama is the only elite team.

  • Big Daddy

    If we beat 0U in the regular season and they also lose another Conference game, then their is a good chance that we play someone else a 2nd time in the B12 Champ Game.

  • Glen W. Walker

    To get into the cfp “your pedigree doesn’t have to be as a top 10 recruiting school to do so (as Michigan State and Washington have proven in the last two years).”

    The only case in point needed to prove that statement wrong is the big10 debacle that was last seasons final weeks coupled with the cfp selection. Complete and utter nonsense.
    I’d rather see a Celebrity Death Match episode between the AP and Coaches Poll favorites instead of the crap this selection committee gives us.

  • Emma K

    Watch us go undefeated then have to play ou again for the conference championship. A team that we all know we struggle to beat. So now our only chance is to somehow beat them twice

  • Emma k

    Watch us go undefeated then have to play ou again for the conference. So pretty much gotta beat them twice to make the playoffs now and we all know we struggle just beating them every once in a while.

  • Adam M.

    The fact that Colin said it, makes it even less of a possibility in my mind than it was before (which was not a great possibility to begin with). I hope they prove me wrong though. We just haven’t seen any proof of said possibility, and won’t for another 4 months, sadly…

  • Tre

    Honestly my feelings on this are simple. We did it all in 2011 and we can do it this time too. That team would have beaten OU twice. So why can’t this one. Until the season proves me wrong, I will always believe it can be done. Orange blooded or not that is how i would feel. That goes for any good team in the land that would be in our situation.