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Cowboy Baseball: Ranking the Top 5 Records in OSU History

Some of these are pretty impressive.



Weeds are growing in baseball fields all over America. While the field of O’Brate stadium has yet to face a single cleat in competition, there are countless records that have been set in the hallowed confines of Allie P. Reynolds Stadium. As OSU Baseball faces its Coronavirus-induced hiatus, perhaps now is a good time to look back on the top five records of OSU baseball.

5. World Series Appearances (1947-1953)

Allie P. Reynolds was one of the first OSU baseball players to play at the professional level. Reynolds pitched for the Yankees from 1947-1954 and during that time, played on six World Series winning teams. During his professional career, he pitched on 15 World Series games, winning seven of nine starts and picking up four saves in six relief opportunities. With that, Reynolds holds the record among OSU baseball players for greatest number of World Series appearances.

4. Longest Career at Oklahoma State: 38 years

The irony of this record is that it was held by someone who never played a game. As an announcer and the only non-player or coach inductee into the OSU Baseball Hall of Fame, Bill Platt attended more games than any other member of Cowboy baseball team. As “The Voice of OSU Cowboy Baseball,” Platt announced over 1,600 games, starting his career as an announcer in 1958 from a card table in University Park before moving up to a wasp-filled press box in Allie P. Reynolds, where he worked until his retirement in 1995.

3. Consecutive NCAA College World Series Appearances: 7

From 1981-87 the Cowboys made 7 consecutive College World Series appearances under Gary Ward. Ward amassed impressive statistics during his 19-year tenure as head coach, leading a host of future Cowboy Baseball Hall of Famers to 16 straight conference titles and 17 NCAA regional appearances.

2. Hitting Streak: 58 games

Hall of Famer turned graduate assistant Robin Ventura holds what most regard as the unbreakable record of NCAA baseball. Ever. Ventura amassed a 58-game hitting streak besting Joe DiMaggio’s MLB record of 56 games and breaking Phil Stephenson’s (Wichita State, 1979-82) previous NCAA record of 47.

1. The Most Individual NCAA Records: 5

Considered the GOAT of Oklahoma State Baseball, Pete Incaviglia put his name at the top of the record books in 5 NCAA baseball categories over the course of his playing days at OSU (1983-85). Over his three years as a Cowboy, Incaviligia set the NCAA records for the most home runs in a single season (48), most home runs in a single career (100), most bases earned (285), highest slugging percentage (1.140%) and most RBIs in a single season (143).

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