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Cowboy Wrestling: Luka Wick Lists OSU as a Possible School Destination

The Wisconsin legacy is looking to break tradition.



FloWrestling put out list of potential schools for Luka Wick, the younger brother of  former Wisconsin wrestler Zander Wick and current Wisconsin wrestler Evan Wick, and the Cowboys are in the mix.

Wick, who did not list Wisconsin as one of his possibilities, said he’s planned trips to Oklahoma State, Ohio State, Michigan, Nebraska and others.

Wick is a two-time California state placer who missed out on his shot at a title in 2020 due to a season-ending injury.

Before his injury he had a number of notable wins, including knocking off Daniel Cormier protege and California State Champion, Chase Saldate, in a freestyle tournament last summer.

Most project Wick as a college 149-165 and the Cowboys already have commitments from two in the 2021 class in that same range with Victor Voinovich and Travis Mastrogiovanni. All three are on the lighter side of that range currently, closer to 49-57, but one going up to 165 would be expected and naturally fill out the lineup.

With Jakason Burks, Trevor Mastrogiovanni, and Teague Travis projected to fill out the lower weights, and an incredibly loaded group of upperweights coming in, Wick would seemingly solidify the middle of the lineup with Mastro and Voinovich and would likely give OSU back-to-back No. 1 recruiting classes for 2020 and 2021.

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