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OSU lost a heartbreaker last night to A&M. Heaney was brilliant, until he wasn’t. (NewsOK)

Uh. Oh. (

Ubben notes that OSU has two of the three best ballhawks in the Big 12. (ESPN)

Good post here from Gina on Joseph Randle’s assault on the record books. (NewsOK)

Equally good post from John Helsley on OSU’s RPI. Look at the Oklahoman, doing work with their blogs! (NewsOK)

John Stovall ranks the incoming basketball recruiting classes. Cowboys get an A-. (ESPN Insider)

The kiss of death for Colt. (

OSU-Arizona as the second best Big 12 non-con game next season? Sure. (ESPN)

You know it’s going to be a long summer when the Big 12 is running stories on the Cowgirl softball player who’s #3 all-time in school history…in sac flies. (Big 12 Sports)

So the Jags might be on Hard Knocks? (Times-Union)

OSU comes in 6th in Ubben’s post-spring rankings. (ESPN)

Good interview here with Chris Brown (not that one) on his new book about the intricacies of football strategy (which I’ll be purchasing). He’s unabashedly in love with Dana (who isn’t though?). (Big East Coast Bias)

Travis Haney has Wes Lunt as one of his 10 breakthrough players for the spring. (ESPN Insider)

Ubbs does too. Charlie Moore also. (ESPN)

Nashville, Go On, and The Mindy Project. I’d at least sample all three. (Grantland)

This is excellent work on Timmy D. Wish there were more dudes like him. The Stephen Jackson quote was startling. (Sports Illustrated)

Pretty cool stuff here. h/t Ryan Cameron

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