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Heaney finally signed, should have seen the ‘ol “we’re going to the media to threaten not to sign our first round pick over $200K even though Mark Buherle wipes his butt with $200K every month so that we can maintain all of our leverage” ploy from a mile away. (NewsOK)

The new mobile wallpaper is pretty cool. (

More video game simulations. Zac Craig, eh? (NewsOK)

Amazing – Inky in pictures. (CRFF)

Gottlieb will host a dinner to honor Eddie’s hall of fame induction. (Tulsa World)

OSU picks up a pair of ESPYs from Ubben. (ESPN)

Good article here by Slater on how that BCS W is paying off. (NewsOK)

Travis Haney says Mike Gundy is just outside the top 10 coaches in the country. (ESPN Insider)

Solid read from Gina on how Van Malone is coaching the safeties. (NewsOK)

Pretty interesting stuff on how much money various baseball draft picks got. (Perfect Game)

Ubbs says the biggest name not at Big 12 media days this year will be from OSU… (ESPN)

Good stuff here on the reuniting of Coach Iba’s most famous team. (The Daily)

Here’s Matt and Josh Holliday at the All Star Game

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