Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

Three game set against Alcorn State starts tonight. Gotta take all three. (okstate.com)

Kansas? Really? Also, nice outing by Baylor fans. (ESPN)

This sounds like it’s going to end well. (NewsOK)

SI says Johnny Thomas could be New Orleans’ most promising undrafted free agent. (Sports Illustrated)

Interesting: Browns fans think Josh Cooper is the second most likely low draft pick/free agent to make the team. (Plain Dealer)

Decent story about the friendship of Justin Blackmon and Rickie Fowler. (Times-Union)

Is it weird to anyone else that OSU considers a list by the Sporting News worthy of a news release? Nothing going on? (okstate.com)

On what OSU needs to do to get in the NCAA baseball tourney. (Tulsa World)

Andrew Heaney #11 overall in Baseball America’s mock draft. (Baseball America)

Your Players Championship scores from yesterday…

Van Pelt: -1
Fowler: E
Verplank: E
Mahan: +2
Howell: +4

(PGA Tour)

This guy is SCARY, and used to wrestle at OSU. Also, I would have said a lot worse things than he did if somebody asked me if I read and understood English. h/t Tom Benson (Blood Yellow)

Eric Taylor mashup = amazing. (Deadspin)

I laughed at this. Nice kicks, brah (via @ybatoba).

Girls bball team getting cray.

I think my wife’s exact words were “my gosh, that is the cutest family known to man.”

  • OSUpdt24

    I agree with Mrs. Pistols Boy. Cutest. Family. Ever.

  • JET

    Desmond Mason is still one of my most favorite Cowboys! What a nice family.

  • Pokey V.

    The Cowgirls video made me think of this. Why can I imagine you doing this on a Trinity road trip? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEWVwgDnuzE

    • Kyle Porter

      Because we probably did.