Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

Oklahoma State #22 in revenue for the 2011 year. (USA Today)

Weeden mini camp footage. Not a ton there but still weird to see his hands under the butt of the guy snapping the brown thing. h/t Gina Mizell (Cleveland Browns)

Jordan Oliver wins another award. (Tulsa World)

I have no idea, I need a nap just thinking about it though. (ESPN)

Big time lineman visiting Stillwater for the WVU game. (Scout)

Perfect Game has OSU ranked #39. (Perfect Game)

Thurman Thomas on visiting his hometown. (NewsOK)

They’re #22 in the Collegiate Baseball poll. Herbstreit must do consulting work for Perfect Game. (Baseball News)

Big 12 doing some features on OSU this week. (Big 12 Sports)

Great article on what’s next in the way of innovation. (The Atlantic)

Welp, this isn’t an article you want your university’s name in. (TPM)

Scotty VP staying at the mothership. I’m bummed, wanted him to headline things over at NBC or CBS. (Awful Announcing)

Here’s a video ESPN posted the other day of the best of 2011. Anybody excited for this season yet?

  • G-Block

    Thanks to ESPN for highlighting a few images of OSU’s record-breaking season:

    * Joseph Randle blowing a kiss to the camera after scoring a TD vs. Texas in Austin.
    * “Doin’ the Gundy” in the winning locker room at Texas A&M.
    * The defense creating an incomplete pass on the last play of the game between K-State and OSU.
    * Justin Blackmon running pass routes in the loss at Iowa State.
    * Iowa State celebrations on the field and in the locker room.
    * Postgame celebration in Stillwater after Bedlam – highlighted by Justin Blackmon in the center of the mosh pit, and Richetti Jones (locker room).

    I apologize if I missed some.

  • Nate

    Randle blowing the kiss was in Columbia

    • Kyle Porter

      Yeah, it definitely was.

  • Madsenpoke

    I want to thank ESPN for including me in the video (holding up JB after the OU game).

  • Scott

    Markelle blowing up Stanford’s Ty Montgomery should have made the list

  • Danie_13

    Great video, love the Blackmon point at the camera at the end. I remember they premiered that little highlight video the morning before the Fiesta and Rose Bowl, which is why there aren’t any bowl game highlights in it.