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Where I realized this weekend we’re the third best OSU in the country…

The part I’m most excited about? Smart making an absolute star out of Nash. (NewsOK)

Sooo.. 1-3-1 eh? (

Holiday Bowl against….SC? (ESPN)

Game notes for KU. (

I do love me a backup QB story. (NewsOK)

We used to let Weeden sling it around because he’s good at slinging it around. (Tulsa World)

TFord has improved at every location he’s been at…except Stillwater. (CRFF)

Very interesting story on the lack of turnovers OSU has forced this year. Good on Gina for taking the Football Outsiders path. (NewsOK)

Wow, shocking statistic by…gasp…Todd Monken here. (Rivals)

Berry still has OSU 9th in the Big 12. (NewsOK)

Quick recruiting roundup from the weekend. (Scout)

Time to get rolling again. (NewsOK)

Weeden2Gordon. Filthy pass in these highlights. (NFL)

Wait, what is this? (Nike)

Love this on the different rotations we’re going to run this year, though I think the #lobstilly one is the one that starts the season off. Actually I’m pretty sure Ford already said that. (CRFF)

Travis Haney with some interesting thoughts on injury update policies. (ESPN Insider)

Justin Gilbert says he needs to be a harder worker. (NewsOK)

Cool story on North Texas players. I live a salty 7-iron from where Torrence Carr went to high school. (O’Colly)

Really intriguing post here on the difference between Grantland and Bleacher Report and what it means. (OKTC)

Oh all of this. (Twitter)

Rebuilding AND reloading?

This is very cool.


This kid committed over the weekend…

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