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Where we’re grateful we don’t have to pomp all week.

I’m scared for Saturday. (NewsOK)

We learned the Big 12 was insane last week. I thought we already knew that? (ESPN)

Great Gundy quote here: (Iowa State) had everything going on. The stands were full. Everybody had on the same color shirts. It was loud. The grass was tall. We stumbled around. They made a few plays. Things happened. (Tulsa World)

So we have walk-ons listed as backup WRs. But we’re deeper this season than we’ve ever been. (NewsOK)

Tracy Moore hates Red Solo Cup. As he should. (Scout)

Quinn Sharp is the Special Teams player of the week and this photo of him is spectacular. (NewsOK)

I guess this is good? It seems kind of confusing though… (okstate)

Brandon Weeden is 129 years old. (Deadspin)

At least we can beat a Big East team. I think. (ESPN)

O’Colly says Thurman Thomas is the 4th best player in OSU history. (O’Colly)

Whatever… (NewsOK)

Quinn Sharp gets a helmet sticker. He should have gottan all of them. (ESPN)

Berry Tramel says Iowa State’s linebackers are going to be an issue for OSU. (NewsOK)

Ubben copying Berry Tramel here, has OSU as the 9th — 9th — best team in the Big 12. (ESPN)

Basketball media day on Wednesday. (Big 12 Sports)

OSU is the most disappointing team in the Big 12 through the first half. I can’t disagree. (ESPN)

John Klein says OSU is on the verge of irrelevancy. (Tulsa World)

Who knew OSU had a linguist studying Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan? (Wall Street Journal)

Oh wow, I never saw what Weeden said about his INT problem. (Yahoo!)


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