Daily Bullets

I dare somebody to call Tracy Moore’s dad today.

If you read anything about OSU in 2012, make it this. 63 little known facts on Gundy and every one of them slays me. (Tulsa World)

Good read on what Clint Chelf is thinking about right now. Can’t help but think he’s delivered that last line to more than a few co-eds who asked him if he’d take them out. (NewsOK)

OKC Dave getting some pub in Football Outsiders. Also, an interesting look at OSU special teams. (Football Outsiders)

Am I reading this right? TCU went with a 3-2-6 package at times against Tech?! (Star-Telegram)

There’s some good stuff in here from Gina, she’s getting to be pretty good at this beat writing thing. Not sure why everyone still writes like the Wes Lunt medical redshirt thing was a done deal though. It wasn’t. (NewsOK)

Good breakdown of the basketball team by Brendon Morris. (Rivals)

Gary Patterson wants his team to enjoy the ambience of Stillwater. (Rivals)

CBS has Le’Bryan as the 7th best wing in the country. (CBS Sports)

Brian Williams on his injury: being down about it won’t fix it, I’m just focused on picking my guys up at this point. (NewsOK)

Do we run a fast safety, double invert? I hope so. (O’Colly)

Looking at OSU’s all-time all-purpose yardage leaders. (NewsOK)

Interesting look at how Weeden has done if you take out that horrific first game. (CRFF)

The penalty stat here is cray. (Tulsa World)

I don’t want somebody named Quinn Gray quarterbacking my team. (NewsOK)

Oh, high schoolers… (NewsOK)

Quite a stat.

These are great.

  • Walter Sobchek

    Loved the facts, what a great dude. However, let’s not go idolizing him please (not saying you are by any means). Who knows… Monken could be tapping underage Theta poon.

    • Hurley

      Would you blame Monken if he was? These are college kids. They aren’t underage.

  • “Foghorn Leghorn.” I can’t stop laughing about “chickenhawk.”

  • On Gundy saying that you have a 78% chance of having a kid of the same sex after having three of that sex already… I’m the only girl with three older brothers. I say go for it!

    • How about just the fact that Gundy was breaking down birth rate percentage like it was a 3rd down conversion rate?!

      • Haha, I guess I’m not quite enough football nerd yet to catch that. 😉

    • Geoff

      Gundy should stick to football. He’s really much better at that. The Law of Averages doesn’t work that way. If you flip 3 heads on a coin you don’t have a better chance of flipping a tails or a heads the next time. You still have a 50% chance of flipping either each time.

  • Cowboy boots, orange floral swimsuit & cowboy hat, hiding fake poo and racing his kids on a little bike….this guy I my hero.

  • Christy Harberson

    I already liked Gunday- but after reading those 63 items I love him! What a great dad. And it sounds like Kristen is a fun lady herself. So proud to have them as leaders in the Cowboy family!

    • I met Kristen when I was working at Petco. I didn’t realize who she was at first but I remember thinking that she was very nice, very receptive to everything I was telling her, and seemed like she had a good sense of humor. It wasn’t until checkout that I realized who she was.

  • Cowboy-KS

    Seriously, Gina is a breath of fresh air and likely one of the best writers for the Daily Sooner. She has become on of my main news sources for OState football. This definitely was not the case prior to her arrival.

    Only area for improvement Gina – don’t let Jenni “OState Hater” Carlson interview you. She’s no where near in your league and adds nothing but mindless chatter when ever her yapper opens.

    • Do you not think she hasn’t already met and gotten to Jenni very well? I’m sure she’s already formed her own opinion of Carlson and some dude still holding a 5 year old grudge isn’t going to change anything. I’m not a huge fan of JC either but if Gundy can move on so should you.