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Where I’m not a fan of Bedlam over Thanksgiving. Too many things going on for fans to focus on the game.

If you don’t understand the Choo! Choo! movement, read this. Also, good to see Colton likes the shirts. (NewsOK)

Really cool article on Shamiel Gary. (Tulsa World)

Dan Bailey is up for the Groza? (ESPN)

Great work by Gina here sorting out all the Big 12 title scenarios. (NewsOK)

Heck of a line on Karsten Creek here: We like having a few successful grown-ups around as members so the team will have role models. This one too: Not coming here would be like not going to Kentucky if you’re recruited for basketball. (Courtesy of Taber Wetz) (Wall Street Journal)

These are painful. (ESPN)

Dave Smith, national coach of the year. (okstate)

[Smiles] (CBS Sports)

[Faints, awakens, throws up] (CBS Sports)

OSU involved in three of Ubben’s favorite five games on next year’s Big 12 schedule. At Texas for the Big 12 title? (ESPN)

Seth Davis doesn’t think OSU is top 25 worthy. (Sports Illustrated)

This will be big on Saturday. (Yahoo!)

Is this stat real? OSU is looking to beat ranked opponents in consecutive weeks for the first time since 1976. Also I hope Landry has 168 yards on Saturday. (Big 12 Sports)

Wow, OSU-Tech got a worse rating than San Diego-Denver. (NewsOK)

On how Bedlam is no longer a gimme for OU. (Crimson and Cream Machine)

No more Belldozer? (NewsOK)

It’s incredible to see in a box score. 71 threes?! (CBS Sports)

I have been called many things in my life, but this is the first time I’ve been called a “greedy mother******.” (CRFF)

Is OU’s defense vulnerable? (NewsOK)

Four games in the state of Texas next year. Haven’t played one yet this year. (NewsOK)

Going national. (FOX Sports)

Good post here on some fun Bedlam facts. (CRFF)

This Kye Staley interview is awesome. I paid full price for my tattoos. (Tulsa World)

Oh my.

How money was Josh Fields in this game? Also, the Rashaun catch was nice, but the TD Bryant catch was better.

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