Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

Where I’m not a fan of Bedlam over Thanksgiving. Too many things going on for fans to focus on the game.

If you don’t understand the Choo! Choo! movement, read this. Also, good to see Colton likes the shirts. (NewsOK)

Really cool article on Shamiel Gary. (Tulsa World)

Dan Bailey is up for the Groza? (ESPN)

Great work by Gina here sorting out all the Big 12 title scenarios. (NewsOK)

Heck of a line on Karsten Creek here: We like having a few successful grown-ups around as members so the team will have role models. This one too: Not coming here would be like not going to Kentucky if you’re recruited for basketball. (Courtesy of Taber Wetz) (Wall Street Journal)

These are painful. (ESPN)

Dave Smith, national coach of the year. (okstate)

[Smiles] (CBS Sports)

[Faints, awakens, throws up] (CBS Sports)

OSU involved in three of Ubben’s favorite five games on next year’s Big 12 schedule. At Texas for the Big 12 title? (ESPN)

Seth Davis doesn’t think OSU is top 25 worthy. (Sports Illustrated)

This will be big on Saturday. (Yahoo!)

Is this stat real? OSU is looking to beat ranked opponents in consecutive weeks for the first time since 1976. Also I hope Landry has 168 yards on Saturday. (Big 12 Sports)

Wow, OSU-Tech got a worse rating than San Diego-Denver. (NewsOK)

On how Bedlam is no longer a gimme for OU. (Crimson and Cream Machine)

No more Belldozer? (NewsOK)

It’s incredible to see in a box score. 71 threes?! (CBS Sports)

I have been called many things in my life, but this is the first time I’ve been called a “greedy mother******.” (CRFF)

Is OU’s defense vulnerable? (NewsOK)

Four games in the state of Texas next year. Haven’t played one yet this year. (NewsOK)

Going national. (FOX Sports)

Good post here on some fun Bedlam facts. (CRFF)

This Kye Staley interview is awesome. I paid full price for my tattoos. (Tulsa World)

Oh my.

How money was Josh Fields in this game? Also, the Rashaun catch was nice, but the TD Bryant catch was better.

  • Walter Sobchek

    CRFF is amateur, unfunny, non-informative, crap.

    • Poke

      Do grown men write that blog? Ridiculous toilet humor. And quit crying over a damn tshirt…

      • I’M 50! I’M A MAN!

        • Poke

          My comment was not in reference to your posts. I enjoy them – they are well thought out and rational – and you don’t act like a prepubescent boy.

          • No problem…was just having fun with it.

          • Oh…and thanks…

          • What just happened here? Poke went from “toilet humor” and “quit crying” to “well thought out and rational, I enjoy them.” Talk about tail between your legs…..that’s just weak.

          • Poke

            Whetsell is the only one I read. The comment was to the other ‘authors’.

    • As it should be, because we ARE all amateurs.

      • Walter Sobchek

        It’s funny because you, the author of CRFF, didn’t graduate from OSU nor go there for more than two years. Your degree is from Southwestern College! Attending OSU from 80-81.

        • htownpoke

          Who gives a crap. If @mfc_crff wants to get on the train, then all aboard. The more the merrier. However Walter, you seem like a douche (Summer’s Eve Sam’s Club bulk that you can buy by the gallon). Not sure why you have such an uppity attitude during what is the most fun time of the football season.

        • Not sure how it is “funny.” And I am not THE author. There are a number of guys who contribute, and I only came on in August. And just so you have a complete family history, my parents graduated from OSU when it was still A&M, and all of my siblings and I attended, and some graduated, from OSU. I grew up attending all the home games in the 70’s and made occasional road trips to Arkansas, Kansas, and Nebraska for road games.

          And I write because it’s fun and I thoroughly enjoy it. It’s therapeutic. I do it for free. I have no agenda and very little ego. I just love being a part of the OSU conversation from way up here in CT.

          So if you don’t enjoy what appears there, I’m quite alright with it. The internet is a great resource in finding the things that appeal to our individual tastes.

    • Jeff

      I agree 100%. It reminds me of Jeff Dunhams “comedy”. People may like it but I will never understand why.

    • David

      Totally agree. So glad others see it as it is, too.

  • poke99

    He’s still open…

  • OSUaggie

    Different perspective here; PFB is where I look for the details, the information about my Pokes….CRFF is comic relief, often expressing my own feelings about my Pokes, perhaps a bit more profane (which is an understatement since I’m ex-military), often alcohol influenced, but typically with a pretty twisted sense of humor which again, I can relate to…..I wouldn’t take the jab from them seriously, Royal John and Whetsell are just jealous they weren’t quicker on the ball…ROFL….as they say in this part of the oil patch…”Bidness is Bidness”….

    Just keep doin’ whatya doin’….I recommend PFB to any Poke fan that wants to keep current; you’re doing a damn good job. If it will make you feel better, we’ll all start calling you a greedy M-F as well…LOL

    • CRJ

      Pistols Firing Blog = The Grantland of OSU Sports

      CRFF = Bleacher Report

      • I was thinking more along the lines of
        PFB = Country Club
        CRFF = Public Course

        • CRJ

          I can agree with this sentiment.

      • Grantland f****** sucks…so yeah. And you obviously don’t read B/R.

  • Jason

    Too many things going on for fans to focus on the game? Nonsense! Never too much going on to focus on Bedlam!

  • I was thinking about the OKC-Smart thing the other day. I’d love to have him for even just one more year in Stillwater, but if the Thunder picked him up with that Toronto pick, that’s a heckuva consolation prize.

  • The C and C article was good, and the comments were idiotic. The Top 10 bedlam article was too painful to read through; I just read the bold sentences. Geez, Kyle, why don’t you just post articles of drowning kittens?

    It is nice when I go back to visit Oklahoma not having to worry about Bedlam trash-talking or where I’m going to have to watch the game.

  • reformedsooner

    That video makes me thankful for new uniforms.

  • Clark Matthews

    I’d love for Smart to play for the Thunder, but I doubt it happens. The Toronto pick (which should be in the 4-8 range) will give OKC plenty of options to pick a center. Plus, with the way Smart shot up from 34 to 14 on Chad Ford’s Big Board in a week, he could be top-3 by end of year.

  • Nick

    Who is the concussed player Bill Young references in the TW/Shamiel Gary story? L.Cooper?

  • Stu

    I know that I would not get along with Kyle, I have to admit that his blog makes my workday about 100x better and if selling shirts keeps this thing rolling I am all for it. Last time I checked we live in America and we have the right to free enterprise.

  • Cowboysig

    The TD Bryant catch is the best in OSU history!. We never completed third downs and long before that one. That catch changed the culture!!

  • So, i know i tweeted about the “Walshing Machine” over the weekend – but that was honestly just for the fun of the name. Am I the only one that hated it? There is a reason the bulldozer is on it’s way out, and it’s not because Landry is leaving.

  • What people may not realize, or may not remember, was that Bedlam 2000 was very close, and like 2001, it could have been decided by a single play. My memory may be fuzzy, but I seem to recall an unsuccessful fade route in the endzone near the end of that game.

    • DCPokeFan

      After Tatum Bell (then a freshman backup TB) scampered for a long score to put us within reach at 12-7, we marched down the field with goal-to-go as time was running out, and a fade to the corner of the endzone to Marcellus Rivers was batted away by Derek Strait — same guy on whom Rashaun caught the fade the next year, I think.

  • Bo

    After reading ‘Fun Bedlam Facts’, I now know what makes Bedlam a rivalry, and a rather emotionally charged one at that.
    1. OU has had an inordinate amount of success against OSU.
    As a result:
    2. OU fans are especially arrogant and pompous.
    As a result:
    3. OSU fans endure more than the average rival and consequently have more hate for their rival.

    – In state, of course, equals rivalry.
    – The arrogance of Sooner fans draws attention to their lack of education, dedication, commitment and general fanaticism towards their Sooners.
    – Which exposes them as bandwagon fans.
    * The truth is though, that they are probably not “bandwagon” at a higher rate than any other college football blue blood.
    – Oh, yeah. OU is one of college football’s “blue bloods”. I know that makes me hate them more.
    – As a blue blood, OU has all of the attendant advantages of the status.
    – OSU, as “little brother”, has far fewer bandwagon fans than the average team. Certainly far fewer than OU. For now anyway.