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Doing the Bullets from my phone today, sorry for the delay. Beat Baylor.


Joe Randle and Blake Bell are boys. (NewsOK)

Sad Chelf face. (Tulsa World)

Brandon Weeden is fired up about my Browns. (NewsOK)

Cotton Bowl? Yes, please. (CBS Sports)

The official CBS projection, however, has us in the BWW Bowl… (CBS Sports)

Jimmie Tramel’s OSU report card. (Tulsa World)

Monk is the best, he loathes OU. (NewsOK)

Agree with the pressure grade. OU pressure on Chelf >>>> OSU pressure on Landry. (NewsOK)

OSU as a Big 12 fave next year? You bet. (Tulsa World))

Berry nailed his preseason OSU pick. (NewsOK)

Solid post by Kyle Fredrickson here on the disappointment of losing Bedlam. (Scout)

This headline is the worst part. (Tulsa World)

Wish we could take the “almost” out of this. Also, is Keiton Page an OSU celebrity?! (NewsOK)

Breaking down the plays that swung Bedlam. The squib kick was the worst. (NewsOK)

Bill Young says OU made better adjustments than he did. (O’Colly)

Blake Bell and Mike Stoops deserve each other. Such bros. (NewsOK)

OU winning the Big 12 would just be the worst. (ESPN)

That’s the good Lord looking out for us. (NewsOK)

Strong words here from Ubbs on OSU and the Big 12. (ESPN)

Bedlam photos. Good way to waste an hour at work, there are some jewels in there. (NewsOK)

Oklahoman has us in the Alamo. (NewsOK)

Jake Trotter is good at writing. (ESPN)

In case it needed reiterating…I’m all in on Chelf for next year. (NewsOK)

Berry on Landry. Good (but tough) read. (NewsOK)

I give Robert Allen a hard time but he usually produces some interesting reads. This is a good one. (Scout)

“Bend but don’t break” broke one too many times. (NewsOK)

The Big 12 is insane. Teams are going to end up nearly averaging 500 yards per game. (Big 12 Sports)

The Cowboys were held to four three-and-outs. But three came in the final 15 minutes. And Monken drives home the fact that stats are for losers. (NewsOK)

ESPN has us in the Cotton. (ESPN)

I like the mindset. (NewsOK)


OSU had more assists in the first half than it did in 21 different games last year. (Tulsa World)

If you still don’t believe in the Marcus Smart stuff, read these quotes. (NewsOK)

CBS has up to #16 in its latest poll. (CBS)

The Cowboys are one of the best defensive units in the country. (NewsOK)


Wrestling rolls in first outing. Duh. (okstate)

The Big 12 isn’t ready for big boy football. Meh. (NewsOK)

Brilliance from the Oklahoman…

Screen Shot 2012 11 25 at 7.55.40 AM

Is anyone with me on this or do I ride alone?

Screen Shot 2012 11 25 at 8.15.41 AM

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