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Things like this are why I love Gundy. It’s hard for people to understand how important stupid, little stuff like this is. (NewsOK)

I don’t like Randle saying OU got lucky here. They won it, straight up. (AP)

Gosh, I hope not. (Tulsa World)

Gundy says he’ll never get over the Bedlam loss. (NewsOK)

This is, unfortunately, true. (Tulsa World)

Interesting call to pick up the flag on OU’s punt return. (NewsOK)

Wow, Football Outsiders has OSU ranked ahead of Georgia in its newest F+ rankings. (Football Outsiders)

Uh. Oh. (NewsOK)

Ubbs is high on the Big 12’s depth. (ESPN)

Uhhh… (NewsOK)

Mike Stoops is such a tool. (O’Colly)

Baylor’s offense is the best OSU has seen. (Tulsa World)

Josh Stewart moving up the Big 12 ranks. (DRC Sports)

Kenny Stills and Josh Stewart throwing down on Twitter. (NewsOK)



[checks pulse…screams] (NewsOK)

Seth Davis says if OSU wants to be ranked in his ballot, they have to win the Gonzaga game. OSU will probably 11-0 at that point and not on Seth’s ballot. (Sports Illustrated)

Come on, Kelly! Also, how about the bro who has OSU behind NC State? (CBS Sports)


Missed this a few weeks ago but it’s kinda funny…I guess. (Instagram)

  • Nate

    How big of a melt down are you going to have when this team doesn’t make the tourney?

    • I’ll take that bet. How much you want to back that up with?

      • dooley

        I really think Marcus Smart has helped Nash take this step forward, and I think that is as big as anything Smart does on the court. That tandem is going to win us a good amount of games with the assistance of Markel. Forte is the perfect 4th or 5th scoring option, which is what Page’s should have been.

        It’s a shame that Williams is out for the season, but it’ll be nice to get Cobbins back here soon for if anything else, to have another body out there as to not wear out our guys early in the season.

      • Nate

        Didn’t realize I offered up a bet… You have that big of a problem?

        • Do you hate success?

          • Nate

            5-0 and it’s already a successful year?!?!?

            Wow… There’s your problem.

          • Chris

            There’s the Nate we know and love. I’ll miss Lance though.

          • Scott

            if there’s a downside – he’ll point it out. And call you names if you disagree

          • It’s a successful month that, given the way Marcus Smart is playing, projects to be a successful year (if you consider making the dance “successful”).

            Get over yourself.

          • Nate

            Struck a nerve? The fact that anybody is using the term “success” with this program right now is an absolute joke. Anyone who does is either too dumb or hasn’t been around long enough to know what “success” means to this program.

            Things to be excited for? Sure. But acting like a school girl and getting giddy over our ranking 5 games in is all kinds of stupid that I can’t even describe.

            In ’06 we were 16-2. Just remember that.

          • Scott

            In ’06 we also had a head coach hooked on booze and pain meds – that eventually had to step down and then his also-booze-and-pain-meds-addicted son took over. So yeah, same thing as this year

          • Nate

            You really are an idiot.

            That’s the last response you’ll get out of me.

          • I don’t know why, but every time I read one of Nate’s comments, I hear the voice of Eeyore in my head…Coincidence?

          • Or maybe Simon Cowell…

          • Scott

            Nate is a cyber tough guy

    • Nate, you’re so Nate! I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • Agree with the first link. A couple facebook friends and I were talking about how we can’t wait for him to say “I’m a man! I’m seventy!”

    • As he’s giving press conferences for OSU that is.

  • dooley

    Justin Gilbert in the draft next season. I’m ok with that, but it wouldn’t be smart for him. How do our corners not have ANY interceptions this year between Gilbert and Brown? I just thought they were better than that.

    • OSUaggie

      I think that’s the basic problem….THEY thought they were better than that. Gilbert and Brown both got a ton of pre-season hype as the studs of the D and they just haven’t delivered. They both have mad physical skills, I don’t know if it was the scheme or them, but we have had way, way too many offenses this year make a living converting 3rd and long on the short sideline routes with these guys playing more of a TD prevent than a first down prevent…..it’s been frustrating…..

  • Steven from Baylor

    Here is the video referenced in the Tulsa article on Baylor:

    Here is Coach Kaz:

    Looking forward to this weekend.

  • Aaron Schnautz

    Seth Davis… I don’t get that guy. Says he doesn’t rank teams based upon one result, but has Illinois (Maui win) and Oregon (win at UNLV) ranked. Also admits UConn is high up because of one win. And he still has NC State above us? I would understand if it was a close game down in Puerto Rico. But we blew them out. Sheesh.

  • Clark Matthews

    Man, if being told you have to beat Gonzaga to get on Seth Davis’ arbitrary rankings doesn’t inspire the team to win against the Bulldogs, nothing will.

  • larry “broken record”

    1. chelf for next year. so long as you are happy with 6-6 to 8-4 records, be all in. if you think chelf’s inability to make all the throws, especially when it matters, can be offset by his running for an entire season, you are wrong (see zac robinson). Will have same success against Texas and OU athletes (see multiple losses with running QBs), TCU defense (when they replace suspended defensive players and have QB with more than 1 week practice as QB), not to mention KSt, KU, and ISU who can compete defensively and are begging to face an offense that scores less. Think we can outscore BU next year with chelf? only if they do not recruit a single additional defensive player. WVa should be good for OSU so long as DeFo follows young’s script. but who else?

    really not looking forward to MST game with Chelf at QB.

    chelf was perfect for this year. no wr’s who can get open or catch consistently. 1 wr who can get open but who allowed multiple passes to bounce off of his hands for interceptions. 3 incoming ESPN 300 WR recruits (all of whom catch on film) plus both moore’s back from injury, plus rest of year and bowl for hayes and stewart to improve.

    chelf is NOT the man for next year. Lunt’s health is the only question mark. if he is healed up, the only chance OSU has to compete for a championship is Lunt. he needs experience. but he can make the throws. like Weeden, he needs to learn that his arm cannot overcome all and stay away from the stupid interceptions. comes only with experience.

    2. may make #1 moot. so long as Gundy allow’s young to put his worst pass rush on the field during crunch time, allows young to play prevent at the end of both halves and Gundy does not learn to manage the clock, it will make no difference who starts. will still lose games like Texas and OU. Gundy’s choice. young will continue to by young and do what he has always done.

    at end of halves, gundy needs to choose–blitz like dogs and have a chance to win (either by stopping other team or letting them score fast so OSU offense on field with time to win)— or continue to lose with the prevent. young has made his choice. now it is up to gundy.

    • Bo

      I second all of this.

  • Nate

    Amazing how dumb our fanbase has become… And Kyle leads the way.

    • Chris

      Why do you continue to come here? And usually when one person feels one way and everyone else feels another way, it’s the individual that’s spot on.

    • Schultzy

      Teach us, oh wise one.

      Please. Like you’re some beacon of knowledge, Grandpa Urine.

    • Shaniac

      Then why do you read his blog? Maybe you should start your own blog so we can all ignore you and you can spew your negativity as much as you want. Get lost.

  • I don’t have a problem with Randle saying OU was lucky to win. I think it’s more in the vein of “fortunate,” and I would agree with that. Tight games like that turn on a few plays, and OU was fortunate to have those all go their way…our INT, Gilbert’s whiff, no flag on punt return…so yes, they were fortunate to win, just as OSU would have been had they held on.

  • Schultzy

    Anyone seeing the Gundy to Arkansas rumors?

    • Why in the world would he…Does Gundy own a motorcycle?

      • Schultzy

        No idea, but Dave Sittler and Carson Cunningham have been talking about it on Twitter today.

  • Lane

    Stills is such a giant piece of trash… am I reading this right???

    ” But don’t message me with it. Keep it to yourself. I didn’t forward that to him, I just said it. But it’s whatever.”

    Is he saying Stewart called him (stills) out specifically, and stills didn’t call anyone out in his response? Stewart in no way said anything to him or anyone else. He just said any more losses would be unacceptable. This along with his little tantrum at the end of the nd game have done it for me…