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Clint Chelf lost his “most revered figure by sororities in the Big 12” title belt last night…to a coach.


Pretty crazy that three QBs from the ’99-’00 Big 12 are now calling plays for Big 12 teams. (NewsOK)

OSU bowl game worth meeting at a bar for? Is it? (CBS Sports)

On Lane Taylor’s marriage. (Tulsa World)

Why the Big 12 won’t expand. (ESPN)

Gina doesn’t think OSU will switch from the air raid. #freestitt (NewsOK)

David Yost offered the OC job. (Columbia Tribune)

He’s crazy. (Rivals)

And why he might say no. (Columbia Tribune)

Oklahoma State attendance fell off more than any other school besides KU this year. (ESPN)

Will there be a less surprising headline this offseason than “DeForest Demoted”? (NewsOK)

Ohio State, Auburn, Penn State, Alabama, and OSU spent more money on football than any other schools in the country. (ESPN)

Robert Allen makes note that he was the first to pitch Yost to OSU. Heck, he probably gave Gundy the idea. (Scout)


Hilarious collection of Big Country photos. (BuzzFeed)

I love the lack of punctuation [throws AMA book against wall, kicks it, sips coffee]. (NewsOK)

This seems to be happening a lot. (O’Colly)

National media took note of Boone’s gift. (The Dagger)

Good column here from Morris. He’s right too, it’s time to fill up GIA again. (O’Colly)


Friends Travis Haney and Brooke Clay got engaged in NYC yesterday. Awesome pic here. (Instagram)

I’m listening….

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