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Clint Chelf lost his “most revered figure by sororities in the Big 12” title belt last night…to a coach.


Pretty crazy that three QBs from the ’99-’00 Big 12 are now calling plays for Big 12 teams. (NewsOK)

OSU bowl game worth meeting at a bar for? Is it? (CBS Sports)

On Lane Taylor’s marriage. (Tulsa World)

Why the Big 12 won’t expand. (ESPN)

Gina doesn’t think OSU will switch from the air raid. #freestitt (NewsOK)

David Yost offered the OC job. (Columbia Tribune)

He’s crazy. (Rivals)

And why he might say no. (Columbia Tribune)

Oklahoma State attendance fell off more than any other school besides KU this year. (ESPN)

Will there be a less surprising headline this offseason than “DeForest Demoted”? (NewsOK)

Ohio State, Auburn, Penn State, Alabama, and OSU spent more money on football than any other schools in the country. (ESPN)

Robert Allen makes note that he was the first to pitch Yost to OSU. Heck, he probably gave Gundy the idea. (Scout)


Hilarious collection of Big Country photos. (BuzzFeed)

I love the lack of punctuation [throws AMA book against wall, kicks it, sips coffee]. (NewsOK)

This seems to be happening a lot. (O’Colly)

National media took note of Boone’s gift. (The Dagger)

Good column here from Morris. He’s right too, it’s time to fill up GIA again. (O’Colly)


Friends Travis Haney and Brooke Clay got engaged in NYC yesterday. Awesome pic here. (Instagram)

I’m listening….

  • Walter Sobchek

    Good job, Carson. Way to look at the surface of the situation and appear to not have a clue why Yost is unemployed. Read the articles that Kyle posted and then amend the tweet.

  • OSUaggie

    While it’s not enough for a strong statistical correlation (Sorry Todd), we do see a pattern emerging with quirky behavior and brilliant offensive coordinators at OSU….I’m thinking Yost might fit right in….the stress levels might be a bit lower than he faced at Mizzou trying to cover recruiting/OC/QB coach, he knows the spread, and it would keep up the string of OC’s with a little bit of a quirky personality….

  • Chris

    Robert allen also took credit on the radio for getting Larry Fedora to look at some Edmond Sante Fe tape of Brandon Weeden. He says Fedora called him back 10min later and said how do I get a hold of him.

  • Cowpoke

    Yost as QB coach? Maybe something he would be interested in, doesn’t have to get out of football alltogether, little stress, and gets to enjoy teaching until he is ready to get back into the meatgrinder of being an OC?

    • Jadecy

      If we’re gonna spend money to add a coordinator we should start w/ a defensive backs coordinator…our QB’s have been doing just fine.

  • BostonPoke

    Yost would be a terrible choice, his play calling was very suspect at Mizzou and their fans hate him. I agree with Kyle, free Sitt! He can be our OC and special teams coach (we desperately need one, Gundy’s hole GA idea was a mega failure).

  • BostonPoke

    Edit: *Whole idea

  • Walter, can you teach me how to “amend” a tweet?

    I’ve heard conflicting info on whether he was offered the job or not. That was the gist.

  • Also, I wasn’t calling Carson out…I was agreeing with him actually.

  • BBinKC

    Hiring Yost as offensive coordinator is an AWFUL idea. Has anyone watched their offense the last four years? They were great when Chase Daniel was their QB and Dave Christensen was their offensive coordinator, but were terrible the last four years under Yost. I am married to a Mizzou grad so I have had to sit through countless games watching their high school offense. Their running game has always struggled, their running plays take forever to develop, and they do not run between the tackles, ever, unless it is the QB. Their red zone offense is terrible and they never use a fullback or pistol formation. The guy is a total quack. This will be a mistake of epic proportions.

  • Mark

    That photo of Yost tells me everything I need to know right there…. Why haven’t we hired this rockstar already?!? We can’t break the trend!
    Sure, that Stitt guy might be better qualified, but having a nut-job for an OC is WAY more important to the OSU image! LOL

    Seriously Kyle, that photo made my whole day. Can somebody photoshop what he’s wearing into some orange threads? And can he dress like that for every game? LOL

    • Scott

      I can’t look at that photo without flashing back to “The Silence of the Lambs”, “it rubs the lotion on it’s skin or it gets the hose!”

  • Troy

    Can we get a where are they now on big country?

  • Hey – thank you for the shout out!