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This OSU basketball team is like 2011 Russell Westbrook. Lot of haters, lot of people going down with them if they go down.


Ford: I don’t worry too much about him. It’s way down on my list of things I worry about, how Marcus Smart is going to play. (O’Colly)

Not exactly breaking news here but I also am all in. (CRFF)

Marcus Smart practices that half court shot every day. (NewsOK)

Fran Fraschilla has Marcus Smart as the 11th best player in the country. Remember when we thought the preseason hype was too much…turns out it might not have been enough. (ESPN)

John Klein: OSU has a month remaining to step on the accelerator and make a late rush into the NCAA Tournament. Huh? Every projection I’ve seen has us easily in right now. (Tulsa World)


Jenni Carlson says Wes Lunt will be OSU’s starting QB next year. (NewsOK)

Yeah, this Big 12-SEC thing a bad idea. (NewsOK)

The top of the Big 12 is going to be pretty terrible next year. I think I agree. (ESPN)

So the Big 12 might be implementing a title game just in case? Got it. (NewsOK)


Can OSU reach perfection in wrestling this year? (O’Colly)

Cowgirls take on Griner, Bears this weekend. (O’Colly)

If you’re planning on watching House of Cards today. (Grantland)

This infographic on the NBA’s best shooters is incredible. (Grantland)

If you watched the O.C. back when it was awesome, you’ll love this. (The Awl)

Guessing this is a recruit? (Not Carson, the other guy)

All the ISU highlights.

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