Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

This OSU basketball team is like 2011 Russell Westbrook. Lot of haters, lot of people going down with them if they go down.


Ford: I don’t worry too much about him. It’s way down on my list of things I worry about, how Marcus Smart is going to play. (O’Colly)

Not exactly breaking news here but I also am all in. (CRFF)

Marcus Smart practices that half court shot every day. (NewsOK)

Fran Fraschilla has Marcus Smart as the 11th best player in the country. Remember when we thought the preseason hype was too much…turns out it might not have been enough. (ESPN)

John Klein: OSU has a month remaining to step on the accelerator and make a late rush into the NCAA Tournament. Huh? Every projection I’ve seen has us easily in right now. (Tulsa World)


Jenni Carlson says Wes Lunt will be OSU’s starting QB next year. (NewsOK)

Yeah, this Big 12-SEC thing a bad idea. (NewsOK)

The top of the Big 12 is going to be pretty terrible next year. I think I agree. (ESPN)

So the Big 12 might be implementing a title game just in case? Got it. (NewsOK)


Can OSU reach perfection in wrestling this year? (O’Colly)

Cowgirls take on Griner, Bears this weekend. (O’Colly)

If you’re planning on watching House of Cards today. (Grantland)

This infographic on the NBA’s best shooters is incredible. (Grantland)

If you watched the O.C. back when it was awesome, you’ll love this. (The Awl)

Guessing this is a recruit? (Not Carson, the other guy)

All the ISU highlights.

  • Nate

    So if you criticize the team you’re now a hater?? Wow.

    I know I always bring this up, but how many more games do you think I have been to in the last 5 years compared to you Kyle? How much more money have I thrown down for the basketball program compared to you? If I was a “hater” I wouldn’t go to the damn games.

    If someone criticizes anything or goes against a position, they’re automatically labeled as a “hater”. Can’t even begin to describe how weak that is.

    • reformedsooner

      There’s a Carly Simon tune in my head right now.

    • Chris

      Damn man, take a deep breath. Or go somewhere else.

      Even though I still think you’re fictitious. No way you’d keep coming back. This has Roniah Tuiasosopo written all over it.

      • Nate

        You’re an idiot. Why would Kyle invent someone to bash himself?

        • Schultzy

          Straight to the personal insults!

    • Kyle, first off you know how much I (we) appreciate the work you put into this blog. I’ve been a fan since day one. Reading this site has become a part of my daily routine. And what’s great about a blog is that the reader somewhat has a voice as well.

      We all know that Nate can be kind of brash at times but he does raise a somewhat interesting point. I would also argue that his passion and love for all things OSU is probably what drives him to be so nuts when he sees the lack of success.

      I was talking to @BrettMyles yesterday and I told him that I have given up on Ford running this program. I know these kids play hard for them, and to me that’s more of testament to the awesome players we have. They continue to play for someone who has continually shown that he can’t take them to where they have the potential of going.

      I love OSU and my first love, like you, was OSU basketball. That’s what I am so upset & and let down by the program in it’s current state.

      • That’s fair. I think OSU fans (probably justifiably) have a pretty negative perception of Ford.

        Again, I don’t love him. I wouldn’t be sad to see somebody new next year. But this is a good team and for people to not come out and support them and to write off exciting wins at home as “oh it was just Iowa State” is pretty pathetic to me (not that you’re doing that).

        I don’t love Ford but I do love this year’s team.

        • Nate

          I agree more people need to show up but understand why they don’t. Need to be more consistent and win some meaningful games to bring in more people. Beating Iowa St isn’t going to get more people to come out. That’s the truth of it. Beat OU and Baylor on the road and it might be a different story.

        • Good stuff there, agree with everything you said. I would agree it is sad seeing fans & students alike not filling up GIA.

          On another note, it’s crazy to me how much the “One and Done” rule has negatively effected College Basketball. All of those OSU bball teams of the early ’00’s that we all loved were filled with Juniors and Seniors. It has totally changed the landscape of recruiting and college basketball. Makes it even more important for OSU to make great use of the “Marcus Smarts” of the world because we know he is gone after this year. Smart alone will keep me watching this team this year.

  • dooley

    In a close game, you trust Ford to draw up a play or make the proper adjustment? If you pay attention, you understand why this team is average. I think their talent level is higher than that and that can show glimpses at times, but the system that is built around them makes this teams upside limited.

    • Nate

      Well said. Guess you’re a “hater” now that you said that.

  • Nate with a blue checkmark

    TI think Ford is gone in next three years.. almost guaranteed. But, not next year. Holder is a stubborn ass sometimes and this Ford deal is on him. We all were shocked at the contract signed when the news was announced. Ford doesn’t have it, shown over and over again he can’t draw up a half court set to save his life. He is a D-II coach coaching against D-I coaches, big mismatch there. Look what Lon has done down south. I love this team, LOVE this team. the potential is phenomenal, the players some of the best OSU has ever seen. Don’t hate the kids, hate the coach

  • Chris P

    On a different note:

    How does a recruit (or player for the matter) get to take home an entire OSU uniform set? Unless that bed is some where in BPS?

    • Son of Jack

      Read his tweets. Looks like Horton hosted him or something. Horton wore #14 and probably got all his equipment since he was a senior. Just a guess.

      • Chris P

        Even if they are Horton’s how does the Athletics dept. give away 4 helmets!

        Does anybody know if players get to keep all or some of their gear?

        I’m not saying they shouldn’t have them but that’s mighty nice “gift” if true.