Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

Happy signing day…I guess?


Berry’s take on who goes dancing from the Big 12. (NewsOK)

Think of Smart’s search for a better jumpshot as God’s way of keep the game fair for the other children. (Sporting News)

Markel Brown jokes that he’s a better shooter than Keiton Page. Except that it’s not a joke, he is from 3P this year. (Tulsa World)

Agree with this column: come see Marcus Smart while you can. (O’Colly)

Forte: When you have your thousands of fans here cheering for you and supporting you it definitely helps. Hopefully we’ll have a good crowd, but that’s something we can’t control. (O’Colly)

How much is Kansas going to beat TCU by? (NewsOK)

Matt Norlander says Marcus Smart might be his favorite player in college basketball in this podcast. (iTunes)

Ford on Cobbins: I think he’s been our most consistent player, period, over our last six games or so. (NewsOK)

Travis Ford earns his comp car this week. (Yahoo)


I won’t be covering signing day too much so if you want to follow it, go here. (okstate)

Good roundup of Big 12 recruiting day. (CBS Sports)

The last paragraph of this article is why I can’t get very amped up about recruiting. (NewsOK)

Justin Blackmon as the 2nd most underrated recruit since 2002. (CBS Sports)

Marcell Ateman is a big Dez/Blackmon fan. (NewsOK)

Good job from Slater here — video of most of OSU’s recruits. (NewsOK)

I do kind of enjoy these one-on-one interviews with recruits. Pretty fun. (Scout)


Bummer, only one OSU baseball game on TV this year. (Big 12 Sports)

Cleveland Browns redesigned unis (photo of Weeden). (ESPN)



Makes two of us.

My gosh, he’ll pull from ANYWHERE, won’t he?


  • “Markel Brown jokes that he’s a better shooter than Keiton Page.”

    Me too — signed, guys who have a higher career 3P% than Keiton Page (min 100 attempts):

    Alexander, Darwyn
    Alexander, Glendon
    Anderson, James
    Baker, Maurice
    Curry, JamesOn
    Harris, Terrel
    Lucas, John
    Mason, Desmond
    Muonelo, Obi
    Peterson, Adrian
    Potter, John
    Rutherford, Randy
    Sutton, Sean
    Thompson, Brooks

  • dooley

    that kid is impressive.

  • dooley

    so Fred Ross chose Miss St? lame

  • Adam

    Why is it OSU seams to lose big names at the last minute but never wins one at the last minute? Serious question.

    • Scott

      not sure i’d call Fred Ross a big name. Treadwell was a big name and we lost out on him. But hell everyone lost to Ole Miss this year.

      • dooley

        sure, Treadwell was the biggest name in regards to receivers, but it doesn’t mean Ross wasn’t a big name. Depending on the source, we had around four 4-star recruits with Ross being one of them. That is one of your top 4 recruits. Of course, 2 of the other 4 stars are receivers so we are still bringing in good talent at the position, yet the greater talent pool you can bring in, the greater chance one of those can turn into a big time receiver.

        • Adam

          This. Ross wasn’t a huge name but one o if not the biggest name we had overall. Certainly with regards to WRs.

          Even still my question remains, why can’t we close on some of these down the strech?

  • Does that kid in the bottom video have a twit account yet? He needs to know how much his verbal commit to OSU would mean to me.