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Sorry the Bullets are late today, I just saw a still photo of Kevin Ware’s leg and I had to spend 30 minutes in the bathroom, throwing up.


Best headline I’ve seen in a while. (Scout)

All of you will nod your heads at this Justin Gilbert quote: Soft coverage, that put a little bit of stress on us. To allow us to play more aggressive, it’s going to be a lot better this season. (NewsOK)

Cool piece on Jason Ray: Knowing what has already been established here and getting an opportunity to work in a great program such as this, it was a no-brainer. (NewsOK)

Didn’t know about this. (Tulsa World)


I literally cannot find anything to link on the basketball team.


Bummer, Charles Howell won’t be at the Masters. (Augusta)

OSU takes two from Texas. (NewsOK)

Awesome Q&A here with John Farrell. That CWS story! (O’Colly)

Good post here of former OSU baseball players in the Show this year. (O’Colly)

We’re Big 12 champs! (Big 12 Sports)

Travis Ford to New Mexico? (Big Lead — don’t look at the top of the page)

The Trey Burke three was so cold. (Yahoo)

Goodness, Ben McLemore. (Big Lead — don’t look at the top of the page)

Syracuse bench is annoying (Big Lead — don’t look at the top of the page)

This is awesome.

I’ll watch…I guess.

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