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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets

• RB life without Randle
• Can Fowler win Open?
• Kelly Hines clears up Twitter/money photo




Life without Joe Randle means trying to fill holes. (Tulsa World)

Ugh, I hate us being ranked this high. (Football Study Hall)

Kelly Hines debunks the making it rain photo on Twitter from Offray. (Tulsa World)


I say “yes.” (Sports Illustrated)

Photos of iOS 7 — it’s weird looking but in five months I’m sure we’ll be in love with it. (The Verge)

And what the heck happened with the design of iOS7? (Medium)

OKC Dave looks at the ACC. (Football Study Hall)

This is a little old but Brian Phillips on Nadal is always a jewel. (Grantland)

I tabbed Rickie Fowler as one of the 20 guys who can win the US Open. (CBS Sports)

If they even play the US Open. (CBS Sports)

I would imagine this wasn’t a true 4.32 (see here) but still fastest freshman time ever is fastest freshman time ever..(also, 10 hasn’t scored yet, has he?)

ESPN talks about Mason Rudolph…and Baylor:

This is great. DeAndre!

Cool video depicting downtown OKC (via @kevindeshazo):

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