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Daily Bullets

• Mike Gundy’s new salary
• Cool shot of BPS
• Jason Hursh signs with Braves



Thank you for your continued support of Pistols Firing. I’m as ready as you are for football to start.


Mike Gundy makes $3.45 million a year. (Tulsa World)

Oh, thanks coach! (Coaching Search)

OSU has a dozen players committed for 2014. (ESPN)

Good post on why Mike Holder has done the right thing with football season tickets, even if it is frustrating. (NewsOK)


The death of the sports column. (Nieman Journalism)

🙁  (ESPN)

Jason Hursh, $1.7 million. (AJC)

If you like writing or adventure, this podcast is great. (Longform)

Berry Tramel on basketball attendance. I’m tired of talking about this. (NewsOK)

Jordy Mercer looks like he’s going to be Pittsburgh’s starter going forward. (via Jeremy Williams) (CBS Sports)

Granted, it was handed to them on a silver platter, but the Grantland guys murdered the Game 6 stuff. Amazing. (Grantland)

Gladwell’s new piece on the gift of failure. I think the concept is fascinating even if the piece was a little bland. (New Yorker)

Not bad.

Nice shot!

Just walking on campus this morning. Love. Love. Love. ❤ #okstate #SAgrad

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OSU recruits: Stevie Clark (10 – white), Lleyton Hammonds (41 – black), Jeff Carroll (25 – black)

Oh man, this looks hilarious.


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