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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets

• McGraw fallout
• New hoops recruit
• Gilbert finally motivated



I am TV-less in Colorado which is kind of amazing — not that there’s anything OSU to watch right now besides those killer Alamo Bowl throwback highlights at 2 a.m. on ESPNU! — the Bullets will be short and sweet this week. But they’ll be there for you every day.


Pretty incredible preview by Bill Connelly here. (SB Nation)

Interesting: Whetsell takes Connelly to task a little bit here for some of the stuff he wrote. Not saying I’m disagreeing, and it was really well done. Good read. (CRFF)

On Justin Gilbert: “he’s finally motivated!” Yay. (NewsOK)

OSU-Texas is the Big 12 game of the year. (NewsOK)

Tulsa world ranks Big 12 coaches. Gundy is 4th! Behind Mack! (Tulsa World)

Here’s the full list: OSU in three of the top 10. (NewsOK)


Strong work by Slater getting these quotes from Mike McGraw on being out as OSU head golf coach. Pretty stunning. I talked to a former assistant coach over the weekend and he said everybody close to the program was shocked. (NewsOK)

Got ’em! (CBS Sports)

On what Rashaun Woods is doing at John Marshall. Good stuff. (NewsOK)

Last two paragraphs here. (Yahoo)

Roundup of the wrestling that took place at GIA over the weekend. (okstate)

And here’s Robert Allen with his own roundup. (Scout)

Good stuff from Kelly Hines on OSU’s new bball recruit (more below). (Tulsa World)

Here’s another clip of him. (ESPN)

Must read here on Scott Verplank. Can’t believe he’s about to be on the Champions Tour. (NewsOK)

This headline is, um, one way to put it. (O’Colly)

I like that ESPN does the weekly recruiting thing. It’s nice for somebody like me who doesn’t follow it super closely. (ESPN)


2015 recruiting…

Can he dunk? Does it matter? That shot is wet.. (via Kelly Hines)

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