Daily Bullets – 6.16

Written by Kyle Porter

John Helsley says James Castleman could start at DT this year. (NewsOK)

Jeff Goodman has Scott Drew as one of his best coaches under 40. (CBS Sports)

Why having nine conference games (instead of eight) helps teams like Oklahoma State. (ESPN)

A poor column from Jenni Carlson on the Golf Boys. Come on Jenni, when the column gods smile on like you like this you have to kill it. And you absolutely didn’t right there. (NewsOK)

Chat with Justin Blackmon today via Facebook and Twitter. Terrific idea from the athletic department even if the Heisman campaign is still misguided. (okstate.com)

Good post here by Ryan Cameron on U.S. Open times for the five OSU guys competing. (okstate.com)

Ubben with some solid thoughts on OSU’s 2012 football decommits. (ESPN)

Rickie Fowler in Men’s Health. What’s the record for “most publication appearances in a single year without having ever won a tournament”? Hat tip to Gavin Lang for the link. (Men’s Health)

Are we seriously going on the road to play MAC teams in football? The UL-LA stuff is forgivable because it was done years in advance before we were actually a top 20 program but to do this now… (FB Schedules)

Okay ESPN let’s not lump OSU into the “Oklahoma schools compensated millions by Big 12 in unsold bowl tickets” I saw this morning. It was under $300,000 for us. Just because Castiglione couldn’t make all the trailer park rounds in time to give these babies away doesn’t mean you need to throw us under the bus too. In a related story, a college football playoff is a terrible idea! (Tulsa World)

OSU is fourth in Big 12 bowl records over the last 10 years. Kansas is second. (Holy Turf)

Terrible news about Danny Wuerffel. As one of my favorite players ever (the go-route from him to Reidel Anthony was my go to play on NCAA ’96) I hope he recovers quickly. (Dr. Saturday)

  • Kyle

    As we get better and more prominent in the college football world, we are going to start playing teams from mid-majors who use the games as exposeure for their school. We get a cupcake game and they get national exposure. Most major teams do it, Texas, Tennessee (in their good years), Nebraska, and Florida all set up 3 game series’ with Wyoming. OU has played Idaho, Utah St, Chattanooga. It’s just a way for smaller teams to get some exposure.

    • FreeMason10

      My initial thought to Kyle’s post was “Well Central Michigan is not Idaho, Utah St. (before last year) or Chattanooga. They are a much better program than those schools.” However, Central Michigan has been all over the map the past 3 years.

      2008: 8-5
      2009: 12-2
      2010: 3-9

      Despite last year’s atrocious record, CMU isn’t a lock on the road. No team is a lock 4 years down the road, but if we are going to schedule a 2-for-1, do it with a New Mexico State-like team, or any other school making frequent appearances on ESPN’s Bottom 10 every week over recent years.

  • FreeMason10

    Scott Drew is a joke. There can’t be another D1 coach who has done so little with so much talent. Any PFB follower could lure in the talent he has with the same resources he has, but I’d argue to Jeff Goodman that Chris Mooney at Richmond is 10x the coach Scott Drew is. Seeing someone connected to Baylor basketball in the same category as Brad Stevens is a lock to get me fired up. And yes I did vote for Baylor as the school I hate most in your recent PFB poll.

    • Dylan

      I couldn’t have said it better myself. Makes me wonder how he is getting this AMAZING talent to come down there to waste their skills…