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Daily Bullets: A top 10 OSU football players list

Embiid is gone, great photo gallery of Big Rigg, more on Ateman’s work ethic.




Embiid, gone. All this means is we’ll be introduced to the new guys Bill Self will win the Big 12 with early next season. (Yahoo)

Club Trillion says Marcus Smart is one of the heels of this Tournament. (Grantland)

A few days late on this but an article on how Gottlieb is too critical of student-athletes. Are we really this soft? (Sports on Earth)

Scott Drew is 17-4 in the postseason?! Good article on him here. (Yahoo)

I went through the first tweets of everyone on OSU’s basketball team yesterday. (PFB)


Current top 10 player list for OSU. I would probably have Kevin Peterson higher, Walsh lower. (ESPN)

No more horns up for Texas. Can OU ban the horns down, too? (Fox Sports SW)

Good post on our WRs. Gundy: “Some of those young receivers are starting to make a few plays. So it’s exciting that we have talent on our team that can make plays in the future.” (ESPN)

Gundy on Devante Averette: “[He] doesn’t know what direction he’s going right now.” (Tulsa World)

I am shocked that a court ruled that NCAA athletes are employees (no I’m not). (Deadspin)

More on Marcel Ateman’s work ethic. (NewsOK)


How great is this photo gallery of Johny Hendricks? (New York Times)

TCU at Allie. P this weekend. (O’Colly)

Jim Littell on Notre Dame: “It’s probably one of the most efficient teams I’ve ever seen.” (okstate)

Get your Big 12 baseball tournament tickets here. (Big 12 Sports)

Korean journalist wants to know if getting hit with a fastball hurts. (Deadspin)

This Chris Fowler interview is spectacular. h/t Carson Cunningham. (Grantland)

This dude’s sports art is incredible. (Deadspin)

Stevie G. gonna Stevie G. (Big Lead)


Defending the bubble screen. Somebody tell Yurcich every Big 12 coach has access to this!

I love wonky sports so I loved this.

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