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Daily Bullets (Apr. 24): Go Young at QB When You Can



With yesterday’s commitment, we’re into that spring period when Gundy signs a big chunk of his class. 

Bullets Rundown

• Go young at QB when you can, old when you must
• Boynton is going big game hunting
• OSU spring game talk

OSU Bullets

• I couldn’t agree more with this take on OSU quarterbacks.

If a younger quarterback is even 10 percent or 5 percent worse than an older quarterback — especially one with just one year left on his collegiate tenure — then the younger quarterback should almost always play in years in which a championship season is infeasible.

Therefore, if Take 2 is true and you believe that Dru Brown is better than Spencer Sanders but not to the degree that it will result in any sort of meaningful title, then Sanders should be the starter because it will be better for the program in the long run. [PFB]

This applies retroactively to the 2018 season as well. If you think you’ve got a ten-win quarterback on your hands, you ride him to the promised land. But if compounding returns for future seasons apply, you take the six-win freshman over the seven-win senior any day.

• I love how Mike Boynton just goes big game hunting without care for interested bluebloods.

Oklahoma’s Gatorade Player of the Year, Thompson has offers from OSU, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas A&M, Colorado and Arkansas to name a few. At Booker T. Washington this season, (Bryce) Thompson scored 20 points per game while also averaging five assists and five rebounds en route to a state championship. [PFB]

• Here while there’s plenty of nonsense coachspeak out there in sports media, I bought Gundy’s comments on why there wasn’t a true spring “game”.

“…But if we would have split up the offensive lines and defensive lines, we would have had to have been so vanilla in the game that it wouldn’t have been fun for the fans to watch. Then we wouldn’t have gotten anything out of it and the crowd wouldn’t have gotten anything out of it.”

I’m not sure that fans got much out of watching drills Saturday, but I understand Gundy (or any coach) refraining from something that seems pointless, or even dangerous, given any roster deficiency. [TulsaWorld]

I was a bit disappointed after watching other schools make a big deal out of their spring game (OU’s Friday night lights, KU bringing in Rick Ross) but I don’t think that would be an OSU thing to do, right?

Sure, it wouldn’t hurt to create some buzz around an event. But culturally, OSU is more of a “shut up and do your job for the good of the team” outfit. It’s hard to argue with how successful they’ve been.

Leyton Hammonds is tearing it up in Central Europe.

NCAA approved some good changes on football rules: targeting must now be overturned or confirmed plus some OT rules that seem helpful

Non-OSU Bullets

Building around Russell Westbrook isn’t easy

• Some tough truth in this Kottke piece on the heels of the Notre Dame cathedral incident

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