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Daily Bullets (Apr. 26): Baseball Heads to Lubbock, Scholarship Projection for BBall



Most first round picks since 2009 was a title I was surprised to see bestowed on the Pokes.

Bullets Rundown

• Basketball scholly breakdown
• Big baseball series upcoming
• Another Tyreek update

OSU Bullets

• Boone gave a prediction on how the OSU Basketball scholarship situation will wind up this year.

I suspect (Doudou) Gueye is the most likely to commit of the bunch, but beyond that it’s pretty hazy. The big board could change in an instant, obviously, and the draft’s early withdrawal deadline could play a role in how OSU finishes the cycle off overall, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it ended with a Gueye commitment and a decision by the staff to roll the final scholarship over to next year. [PFB]

Adding a beefy power forward to go with Anei on the block seems like a solid, roster-rounding move. There will be some young bigs down there, it makes sense to have a veteran.

• Josh Holliday’s Pokes head to Lubbock for a big series this weekend.

The Cowboys — in first place in the Big 12 standings — travel to Texas Tech for an important three-game series.  [TulsaWorld]

It’s up to the Pokes to hold the lead they’ve got – always tough to have a target on your back. Let’s hope the Cowboys can prove Chris Harris, Jr. right for picking OSU. 

• The ugly Tyreek Hill situation keeps evolving.

Sources confirm to KCTV5 that both parents have lost custody as a result of the separate Child Protective Services investigation through the Kansas Department of Children and Families or DCF.

Hill currently has a “no contact” order with his 3-year-old son. [KCTV 5]

Audio was released discussing potential abuse but in the audio, Hill denies any wrongdoing. After midnight, a report was released that Hill would be suspended from team activities.

• Madden Football 2020 took a step towards the NCAA Football video game returning.

• Did anybody else win one ever?

• Schroeder reports a change to the College Football Playoff is unlikely.

Non-OSU Bullets

• Some solid career advice in “What should I do with my life?”

• I keep finding solid Thunder-moving-into-offseason pieces, enjoy.

• Pretty crazy to see all the companies Disney owns

This is a tough vote – I’d go In-N-Out.

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