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Daily Bullets (Apr. 8): Sterling “Best Secondary in the Nation”, New Softball Stadium?

The Daily Bullets are brought to you by Hoboken Coffee: Get 20% off your first order.



The Daily Bullets are brought to you by Hoboken Coffee: Get 20% off your first order

OSU Bullets

• LSU and Ohio State beware, Cowboy safety Tre Sterling feels confident about the Cowboys’ secondary this fall:

“I still see us being in the same place we were last year: the best secondary in the nation,” Sterling said. “There’s no doubt we have the best three safeties, pound-for-pound the best three starting safeties, even the best depth in the nation as far as safeties and secondary. We’re going to continue to hold that crown and keep our thrown.”


If you’re enjoying that narrative, here’s an argument for why OSU’s defense should be even better

• If you wanted to project the next football recruit to sign for Oklahoma State, there’s a good chance he’s on this list

Porter has Viktor Hovland as one of the nine golfers who could win at Augusta

Softball coach Kenny Gajewski expects a new softball stadium in the next “two to three years”

• This is one of the more fun aspects of pro sports – when two brothers get to make their family proud. Cowboy Rodarius Williams reflects on the possibility of playing with his brother who plays for the Cleveland Browns:

“That’ll be real special,” Williams said. “We may even get to play together. It’s real good man, just two brothers being successful, doing what we love to do. I feel like we’re making our parents proud. It’s a great feeling.”


Ballpark Digest named OSU’s O’Brate Stadium the best ballpark in college baseball

Interview with new OSU President Dr. Kayse Shrum and her stance on athletics

Non-OSU Bullets

• Who the 7% of Americans not using the internet are
• 700 words on the history of the peanut butter and jelly sandwich
Blessed > #Blessed (faith-based)

This kind of thinking can get you in trouble a bit (hard to find contentment) but seems to be some wisdom in it if done well:

Futurists think about multiple futures instead — they open themselves to all kinds of possible scenarios and solutions. Multiple perspectives are at the heart of futures studies — they actively consider alternatives.

“The best way to predict your future is to create it, ” says Abraham Lincoln

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