Daily Bullets (April 18)

Written by Steven Mandeville
A Worthy Candidate

While he doesn’t fit the unusual Johnny Football, Jameis, Lamar Jackson mold, No. 2 certainly has the body of work to be considered coming in.

“I think his success over a three-year period and his numbers kind of speak for themselves,” said coach Mike Gundy, who spent his playing career handing off to Oklahoma State’s first and only Heisman winner.

“He’s a great leader. He’s winning. … The success we’ve had with him as a quarterback, we kinda feel like he deserves that.”

Rudolph’s success to this point in Stillwater is undeniable.

With still a season to go, he’s already just the second Oklahoma State quarterback since Gundy was behind center to lead the Cowboys to back-to-back 10-win seasons.

And as one of only two Power 5 passers returning off a 4,000-yard season, Rudolph is also the biggest reason why the Pokes are primed to open in the top 10 of the preseason polls next season. [ESPN]

If Mason isn’t the kind of player you strongly consider with the best of the best, I’m not really sure what it’s there for. MVP of the best team?

I liked what Porter said on the pod last week about how it’s become a position within a conference that’s consistently considered, i.e. Big 12 champ QB, SEC/Bama running back, ACC QB, etc. If I’m making odds, I’ve got him higher than eighth.

Incomplete Assessment

The ground game wasn’t exactly appetizing on Saturday, but it’s fair to grade the non-Justice vets on campus with an “I”.

Offensive linemen Zachary Crabtree, Larry Williams and Deionte Noel all went down with injuries.

And though none sound serious, it left OSU in a bind for the spring game.

The Cowboys had 12 healthy linemen — and only two returning starters — dressed for the scrimmage.

Gundy said OSU considered changing the format of the game but stuck with splitting into two teams.

It seemed to affect the run games of both sides. Aside from La’Darren Brown, who went for 49 yards on 10 carries, no OSU running back averaged more than 2.1 yards per rush. [TulsaWorld]

I could be wrong but there didn’t appear to be any substantial DNPs from the defensive side of the ball. So you had two starters and eight backups pulling weight for a handful of inexperienced backs. But that touchdown catch by Brown with a decent total on the ground was nice.

Growing Pains

If the Pokes want to make a run to regionals, we’re getting close to “now or never”.

We knew this team was young coming into the season. The youth seems to have doomed Oklahoma State. They have been in many ball games. If you ask me, TCU didn’t win the series over this team. The Cowboys lost that series. For the most part, the Cowboys have lost every series. This team is going to be very good in years to come.

Regional hopes are starting to dwindle this year. When you’ve gone 3-3 against the Kansas teams, it’s a clear sign you are struggling to stay afloat. Oklahoma State will hope to score at least one victory in Lubbock this week. If they can do that, then win against Texas at home, they have a shot at a regional berth. If not, better luck next year with a more experienced team. [Heartland College Sports]

HCS rated the Pokes no. 8 in their power ranks, an apt spot to this point. The youth movement, loss of talent from last year and solid pitching coming in late all play a part but here’s to hoping for some good signs out of Lubbock this weekend.

OSU and NCAA Notes

Cowboys take on ORU at Allie P. tonight….KU’s stud forward inevitably declared for the pros….Tom Herman thinks Texas is three to four guys from a Big 12 title….Texas Tech’s blue chip DT is headed to LSU….Wichita State getting paid by Under Armour after joining the American

(at 0:39) Rolling out to the far side then off-balance nailing Keenan Brown on the sideline is really nice.

Poor K-State fans. Weber has little to no leverage, has to be pretty school-friendly buyout terms being discussed.

Pretty impressive numbers here for the Cowboy defense.

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  • RyanO

    Regarding that ESPN article about Mason:

    “With still a season to go, he’s already just the second Oklahoma State quarterback since Gundy was behind center to lead the Cowboys to back-to-back 10-win seasons.”
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t a certain #3 lead the Pokes to back-to-back seasons of 11 and 12 wins?

    • T

      Thus why they said “second” instead of “first”

      • RyanO

        Thanks for the clarification. Apparently my coffee hadn’t kicked in yet.

  • Mark

    Thought-provoking bullets this morning. I have a few:

    On the Heisman, I feel that it’s become a total popularity contest (not just about the person, but the team they play for as well). I think it’s largely a joke. Sure it would be great if a Cowboy won it, but I would be shocked if Mason did this year. If he does (or is even in the finalists), it means OSU is having a historic year.

    I am actually concerned about the run game this year. I understand the lack of depth during the spring game, but Thomas Fleming’s article scared me when he said ‘It looked like the offense was reverting to 2015 style of running the ball.’ – That’s scares the you-know-what out of me, because it seemed like last year they sort of finally figured out successful blocking schemes. The fact that our previous analyst is now the O-line coach, color me concerned.

    Did anyone else click on the Tulsa World article and notice the formatting for the subheading was off?
    It read:

    Iford gets extra year”

    I’m thinking that should be Jordan’s new nickname: “Bra Iford” LOL

    • Sonny

      You’re not alone. Last year’s running game was fed by the veteran cowboy backs. This year’s cwbs have virtually zero experience getting downwind of a RB to stick a LB. Back to “smoke & mirrors” power football.

      • David Einstein

        We aren’t going to underrated Justice Hill again, are we?

        • Sonny

          I’m only aware of one RB in history who was halfway effective without blockers and he left OSU after the ’88 season. I’ve been high on Justice since he was in HS. The national scouts underrated him, while everyone within 100 miles of Tulsa knew he was special. But he’s not Barry special.

          • David Einstein

            No they didn’t. I was on this blog last summer, not a soul on here was hyping him up.

          • Sonny

            My bad. I didn’t realize this site was built just to hype Justice Hill. But nobody, including you I’d bet, was going to tout the cowboy running game after that dismal display in ’15. But ask anyone around Tulsa. They knew of Justice Hill by his jr year. I’m sorry the rest of the cowboy faithful were late to the party. He carried Booker T on his back and it was obvious, at least to me, that he was going to be a very successful college back So how’s this?…..

            JUSTICE FOR HEISMAN!!!
            (p.s. please find him some blockers.)

  • Matt Belanger

    Glenn also tweeted the team has 200 takeaways since 2010.