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Daily Bullets (Aug. 28): Most Viewed of the Week, Playing Out the Last Week for OSU in Realignment Talk

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The Daily Bullets are brought to you by Hoboken Coffee: Get 20% off your first order

Three Thoughts

• We’re all arm chair college football commissioners at this point – but this is a pretty solid “BIG” Big 12 plan dwelling on long-term viability compared to what the Big 12 has been (small).

For the record, I don’t like that plan until OSU has to do it (when the current grant of TV rights expires).

• Tay Martin is “poised for a breakout”, Blaine Green is a monster, and Brennan Presley sounds like Stoner 2.0

They’re all pretty unique in where they’re at in their career and what they bring to the table but it doesn’t feel like we’ve got a guy that Spencer Sanders just lasers in on and rides for 75 yards a game, does it?

This piece does a solid job of playing through the Dave Wannstedt report, OSU’s Pac-12 candidacy and the political aspects of a West Coast league adding midwestern teams

Two Quotes

• Aden Kelley will be the defender I’m most excited to watch in a year or two – he’s a bruiser and he fits the cultural mold to a “t”.

“All the way back to when he was in a booster chair, he would sit in the pickup or the Ranger when we were quail hunting when he was too little to get out and go, he’d just sit and watch,” Martin said. “When he was just big enough to go, he was going.”

Kelley fits the ideal mold of an Oklahoma State student, perfectly.


• It’s so weird but I’m more excited to see OSU on the field for third down on defense than I am for them to see a third down on offense

One Question

• Has there been a sports week in OSU history that felt longer than this one?

Most Viewed of the Week

• No. 1 Big 12 has setup a subgroup to explore expansion

• No. 2 Pistol Pete voted worst mascot in college football

• No. 3 Pac-12 likely to remain at 12 schools per report

• No. 4 Pac-12 reportedly deciding if they’ll expand or not in the next week or two

• No. 5 What “The Alliance” means for OSU and the Big 12

Non-OSU Bullets

• Always wondered this – why we remember more reading paper than audio
Cool story here on a WWII vet being reunited with Italians he saved
• This childhood story of a girl processing disappointment was good (faith-based)

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