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Daily Bullets (Aug. 4): Homecoming Festivities Cancelled, Nine Games Plus-TU or Western Illinois?

The Daily Bullets are brought to you by Hoboken Coffee: perfectly roasted in historic Guthrie.



The Daily Bullets are brought to you by Hoboken Coffee: perfectly roasted in historic Guthrie. Two bags ship free. Order now!

OSU Bullets

• Per reports that came out last night, the Big 12 has agreed on a ten-game football schedule: nine conference games plus one out-of-conference. What does that look like for the Pokes?

Dates have yet to be released, but that leaves OSU hosting either Tulsa or Western Illinois, the two teams remaining on OSU’s nonconference schedule. The Cowboys would then transition into a normal nine-game conference season where they play every other Big 12 school. [PFB]

If you go Tulsa at the start of the schedule over the Leathernecks, you’re saying we’ll start the schedule sooner (Sept. 12th over the 19th) but you give yourself nearly a month off until you start conference play (three weeks until TCU on October 3rd).

Now, could Tulsa flex and move it closer? The conference stance for the AAC is play as many games as you want and Tulsa has a full slate, no open slots to move to just yet.

No mo’ Ho-Co 2020 – Homecoming 2020 won’t feature the normal Homecoming festivities.

Pac-12 players are trying their best to change college football but the league hasn’t capitulated at this point. Here’s what to look out for in the coming days:

If the Pac-12 counters with movement on several of the demands, but leaves those big, systemic ones untouched, will the players declare victory and come back to their squads? [Extra Points Newsletter]

• Thoughts and prayers with the Gundy family as the mother of Mike and Cale passed away on Sunday

OSU and Arkansas are fighting over in-state talent with the Sooners exiting stage-left for the most part

• Here’s the faceshield the Pokes will be wearing in fall camp:

• Chuba’s Heisman campaign is off and running. Could Chuba be the first back to rush for less than 1,500 yards and get to NYC?

Non-OSU Bullets

Starbucks’ struggles during Covid are interesting
• The end of “open plan” everything
Marriage goals here with a wife who took a job as a dishwasher to see her husband who was in a nursing home with dementia

Incredible athletic feat here:

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