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Daily Bullets: Big 12 has an OSU problem

Mini-playoff this weekend will be great, OU’s record as Bedlam spoiler, OSU-Memphis roundup.



Happy Bedlam week.


We have orange Pistols Firing shirts on sale. (PFB)

Also, got some new sizes in Choo Choo shirts. (PFB)

OSU has a Bedlam problem. But the whole Big 12 has an OSU problem. (NewsOK)

OSU still tops Big 12 power rankings. Crazy that Texas can still win the conference. (Fox SW)

Haha, Gundy taking shots at KU here. (NewsOK)

Gary Patterson goes crazy on Art Briles and Baylor. The most intriguing part to me is the very end when he talks about letting things happen that aren’t going to happen anymore. What does that mean? Recruiting? (Big Lead)

Ubben with some good thoughts on the Briles-Patterson thing. (Fox SW)

On the insanity of the last week. (Tulsa World)

Tracy Moore says he gains weight easily. (NewsOK)

Guess how many defensive/special teams TDs there have been in the Big 12 this year. (Big 12 Sports)

Chuck bought drinks and rapped after the Iron Bowl. Why not?! (Deadspin)

Pretty crazy that Chelf and Walsh have the same numbers this year. (NewsOK)

Tracy Moore on Daytawion Lowe hitting people in practice: “And sometimes he just can’t control it. He kind of pulls off and it still looks like he’s trying to take a guy’s head off.” (Tulsa World)

The national title dream is dead. Beyond dead. (Football Study Hall)

I was actually thinking about this yesterday…a Bedlam loss could mean the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl for OSU. Wow. (NewsOK)

The mini-playoff in the Big 12 this weekend should be a blast. (B/R)

So we’re resorting to writing what Chelf says on Twitter….this is on you, Gundy! (NewsOK)

The four most memorable catches of the college football season. (Big Lead)

OSU on top of Berry’s power rankings, too. (NewsOK)

Is Les Miles signing his tweets surprising? (Deadspin)

Here’s the Iron Bowl reaction supercut. (CBS Sports)

OU is 1-1 as Bedlam spoiler. (NewsOK)


My thoughts on OSU’s loss to Memphis. (PFB)

Everybody keeps telling me to not worry about how OSU played against Butler and Memphis and I guess I’m not but part of me wonders if the things it did wrong are even correctable, or rather just part of its DNA. I should get emotionally prepared for that 10 over 2 upset in March, shouldn’t I? (Sports Illustrated)

Joey and Stevie were at OSU’s games this weekend. (Tulsa World)

Ford on Memphis: “They deserved to win, we didn’t deserve to win. We just weren’t ourselves. Not taking anything away from Memphis at all, but we were our own worst enemy on a lot of occasions. I’m a little surprised that it was even, as bad as we played, as close as it was. Give Memphis credit, they were a very determined basketball team.” (ESPN)

Brian Williams on what’s wrong: “I can’t really put my finger on one thing, but whatever it is, we need to fix it, like now.” (NewsOK)


Jared Rosholt won his UFC debut. (Bloody Elbow)

OSU lost Bedlam wrestling on Sunday then stiffed the media afterwards. Nice. (NewsOK)

I read these books (well, 2.5 of them) during the Thanksgiving break. Bizarro Hunger Games. I enjoyed them. (Amazon)

Good stuff on what newspapers can do to make themselves more viable. (Medium)

The guy who invented SnapChat sounds like a gem. (CNet)

You guys have seen the previews for the Wolf of Wall Street. Here’s a story on the real guy. (NY Mag)

If you’re into doing Advent, here’s a good resource. (Desiring God)

Fans react to Iron Bowl.

BCS revealed.

Auburn’s announcer loses his mind.

One of my favorite O.C. episodes. Christmukkah is upon us.

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