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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets: Bill Self grades the backflip

Marcus Smart as an amoeba, there are only three Big 12 players leaving early, Gottlieb on KU-OSU.




Marcus Smart is an amoeba. (Scout)

Bill Self on Marcus: “He did do a backflip; I watched it on tape and I thought it was beautiful form. I thought he tucked just at the right time and got full extension. I thought it was very impressive.”  (KU Athletics)

Marcus Smart is fourth in KenPom’s player of the year race. (KenPom)

Gottlieb is so good at analysis — here’s what he thinks about the KU-OSU matchup. (NewsOK)

Why Smart could slide big on draft day — very few bad teams need a PG. And why he might end up with the Lakers (!) (ESPN Insider)

An interesting look at how good Baylor actually is. (Rush the Court)

Good piece here by OKC Dave on Marcus Smart’s place in Big 12 history. (PFB)

Agree here that Phil Forte needs a huge game on Saturday. (Rivals)

I know I’m just the absolute worst but if OU students did this it would have been the greatest thing ever.. (PFB)


Josh Stewart is one of only three Big 12 players leaving early. (ESPN)

I realize it’s just a pickup game but this Dez catch! (PFB)

The top 10 games of 2013. This is excellent. (SB Nation)

Kliff Kingsbury can’t keep a QB in Lubbock. (Tulsa World)

Travis Haney says OSU is among the 10 teams in college football that lose the most talent. (ESPN Insider)

The jet sweep gets some love. (Football Study Hall)


Yesterday I posted a NSFW movie trailer in this spot — I didn’t screen it all the way and it was pointed out to me in the afternoon and I removed it. Sorry about that, I didn’t purposely do it and I’ll do my best to not do it again.

KD is great. (Big Lead)

Messi is greater. (Big Lead)

Tom Coburn will resign at the end of the year. Wow. (Tulsa World)

Wow, this is a pretty crazy story (short read, too). (Jeremy Cowart)

Why companies like Dropbox are always teetering on the edge. (Wired)

This on morning and daily routines is so good. (Buffer)


How last year ended. Ford’s “oh my god” reaction will never not be funny.

This is outstanding.

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