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Daily Bullets: Briles says Stillwater will ‘fall in line’

The most unsung stat of 2013, Baylor’s numbers are gross, OSU has been unreal on the ground the last four games.



I’m headed to Portland this morning for a golf event so I’ll be offline for a bit but there should be plenty of stuff in here to take away most of your morning. I’m still floating a little from that performance last night.


Briles on Stillwater: “We’ve been in some pretty good atmospheres so far this year, and we feel like Stillwater’s going to fall right in line with some of the things that we’ve lived through.” Baylor’s two road games thus far: at Kansas at night, at KSU during the day. (ESPN)

Odd timing but I’ve been saying for, what, three years now that Gundy and Texas would be perfect. Berry said it would be “danged interesting.” (NewsOK)

Baylor lost its left tackle this week. (Fox SW)

Ehhhhhhhh… (CBS Sports)

On Oct, 7, 1939, when Baylor won 13-0 in front of 5,000 fans at Lewis Field, the Bears’ starters averaged a whopping 208 pounds and they outmuscled Aggie starters who averaged 191 pounds. This is such a fun article. (Tulsa World)

The Baylor game is a sellout. (PFB)

OSU-Texas even beat the NFL games. (NewsOK)

I always learn a lot from Mark Travis’ stuff on CRFF. He makes a great point about why OSU runs its stupid swing passes and how that opens up holes for Chelf up the middle. (CRFF)

The most unsung stat of 2013. (PFB)

Chuck Moore: “We’re just excited to play the No. 3 team in the country.” (Rivals)

On trusting the program. (PFB)

Baylor’s offensive numbers are sickening. Zack Craig calls them “the ultimate offense.” (ESPN)

I agree with this post — why aren’t we talking about how good Baylor’s defense has been? (NewsOK)

On what bowl OSU will head to and what’s changed since WVU. (CRFF)

Oklahoma State has been unbelievable on the ground in its last four games. (ESPN)

Who isn’t? (Scout)


On a night when the nation’s top four freshmen (Duke’s Jabari Parker, Kansas’ Andrew Wiggins, Kentucky’s Julius Randle and Arizona’s Aaron Gordon) were in action, Marcus Smart stole the show. (Sports Illustrated)

He’s not the new guy in college basketball anymore. But he made a good case on Tuesday that he might still be the best. (CBS Sports)

Tons of thoughts on the Memphis game from me. There’s a video in here of Marcus Smart blocking and jumping over a dude on the same play. (PFB)

Sorry, KD, you missed the show. (NewsOK)

Why Marcus Smart’s numbers aren’t as bad as you think. I guess I didn’t realize on Tuesday that a ton of people think he’s really overrated. (ESPN)

Travis Ford yawned during a live interview yesterday. (PFB)

Josh Pastner: “They kicked our butt.” (NewsOK)

Smart’s huge scoring night would be a bit less impressive if the other areas of his game suffered, but he still turned in just as complete a performance as you’d expect. (Yahoo)

KD was on hand last night and he’s thumbs up on Marcus Smart. (PFB)

Oh yeah, this:


Good review of the new Hunger Games movie. (Deadspin)

Interesting story on the dude who can’t stop scoring 100 points a game. It’s not what you think. (CBS Sports)

Terrific article on Peter Uihlein here. (AP)

Wrestling photos from Sunday. John Smith is INSANE. (Flickr)

This Michael Cera texting story is weeeeird. via Kevin DeShazo. (New Yorker)

Read this post on Jeff Bezos’ 10,000-year clock. (Yahoo)


What a performance.

ESPN’s highlights.

USMNT friendly from Monday night.

Ronaldo, my gosh.

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