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Daily Bullets: Chelf talks about being benched and silenced

Gundy would leave for Texas, Cobbins probably done for the year, OSU talent is ‘incredible.’




Here’s what we know about the Cobbins injury right now. I’m betting he’s done for the season. (CBS Sports)

Ford on OSU’s 27 assists last night: “I told our team I enjoyed watching that. It’s one of the most unselfish games I’ve seen a team play, especially when you see guys who passed up wide-open layups, wide-open dunks, to pass it off to their teammate. You don’t see that much in college basketball anymore.” (Fox SW)

This is pretty great.

Forte on this team: “We know we have the players and talent, offensively, to score. It’s nice to see that everyone doesn’t care who scores or who does what. As long as we keep that going, things will go really well for us.” (O’Colly)

A bad interior defense is going to get a lot worse. (NewsOK)

All six dunks from Markel last night. (PFB)

Robert Whetsell on what was wrong with last night’s win. (CRFF)

Bob Morris’ coach: “Oklahoma State is a talented team. There’s no doubt about it. Their talent level at every position is incredible.” (okstate)


Only two of the TW’s top sports stories in 2013 are about OSU. Lots of the most read ones are, though. (Tulsa World)

Cool story about an OSU football player whose sister died. (Tulsa World)

Berry Tramel thinks Gundy would leave for Texas if offered. Duh. Also, didn’t know Berry was a twin. (NewsOK)

Bye, Mack. It’s been fun. (Big Lead)

Really interesting stuff from Chelf here on being benched and silenced. (Tulsa World)

Excellent point by Jenni Carlson: Gundy hasn’t exactly denied interest in the Texas job. (NewsOK)

Robert Allen dropped a “tall cotton” in his lede here. Clever. (Scout)

Photos from media day. (Flickr)

OSU has been an elite team for the last five years. (PFB)

I still think Josh Stewart is going to leave. (NewsOK)

Cleveland, total dumpster fire. (Deadspin)

Tech helmets, yes or no? (CBS Sports)

Justin Gilbert on facing DGB: “This is the first time that I get to go against somebody that big this year.” (NewsOK)

Sooo Briles is leaving if offered? I’m not really sold on that. (CBS Sports)


Good list of the best movies of 2013. (Deadspin)

This database of what schools get from shoe companies is just incredible. Tech gets more from UA than we get from Nike! (Portland Business Journal)

This on the most interesting sports person of 2014 is pretty hilarious. (Deadspin)

This on why TED talks don’t work is interesting. (Guardian)

This is so awesome: Seven ways to be insufferable on Facebook. (Huffington Post)

I’m a sucker for movies like this.

Well, this looks awful.

Here’s Clint Chelf from Jerryworld.

Pretty good arm on Glenn Spencer. Why are we in camo?

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