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Daily Bullets: Cotton Bowl a great opportunity

Why Gundy voted OSU higher than OU, Bedlam superlatives, Mason Rudolph’s insane line, and Bob Stoops as king of Bedlam.




OSU is headed to the Cotton Bowl. (PFB)

Apparently OU players just don’t enjoy snowball fights. (Big Lead)

Gundy voted OSU over OU in his poll. (PFB)

Gundy explains why he voted OSU over OU in his poll. I don’t disagree with the logic, I just think it’s a bad look. Also him saying “we just missed that one lateral” is classic. (NewsOK)

Bedlam superlatives. Spent a ton of time on that one, there’s some good stuff in there. (PFB)

Great roundup for the football weekend — tons of OSU stuff. (Fox SW)

OSU picked up an LSU recruit switch over the weekend. (CRFF)

Mike Gundy: “I know that anytime teams from our league play a team from the SEC in a bowl, they’re always gonna draw a big television audience and there will be people that are very interested in the game.” (NewsOK)

Is Mike Gundy next at Texas? (B/R)

This really is a good opportunity for OSU and OU. (Tulsa World)

Mason Rudolph threw for 480 and 8 TD in his state title game. (WCNC)

I just want to say I loved this headline. (Football Study Hall)

Bedlam nerd box score. (PFB)

Gundy on the bowl: “I think it’s gonna be a great game. I think you have two teams that arguably very well could have been in BCS games. I know the Cotton Bowl’s excited, and we feel the same way.” (NewsOK)

10 thoughts on Bedlam. (PFB)

Bob Stoops is the king of Bedlam and why is every Baylor crowd shot the most ridiculous thing ever? (B/R)

Matt Mosley says it’s time for Mack to go. (Fox SW)

Gundy: “Our defense was tremendous all year, and you play the percentages based on what we’ve done all year.” Didn’t know we rushed three all year.. (O’Colly)

Gah, I’m so excited about the Texas coaching rumors. That’s going down in the next few weeks. It has to be. (ESPN)

Bedlam infographic. Great work by Michael Lane all year. (PFB)


OSU gets worst play and worst sportsmanship from Ubben this weekend. (Fox SW)

Mizzou opens as a 3.5-point favorite over Oklahoma State. (Vegas Insider)

“That’s the gut-punchiest loss you’ll ever see.” Yup. (Fox SW)


If you haven’t read about the Silent Night tradition at Taylor U., it’s impeccable. (Deadspin)


To make the weekend worse, OSU has not lost two straight in wrestling. (Scout)

Longest field goal in NFL history. (Big Lead)

This longform roundup from Big Lead is good — what I was trying to do with Sports Reads. (Big Lead)

This week’s Media Circus from Richard Deitsch profiles Dick Vitale’s love of hoops. It’s awesome. (Sports Illustrated)

This video is spectacular.

Here’s the video of that Silent Night celebration. So elite.

Can’t remember if I linked Gundy’s presser.

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