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Daily Bullets: Could OSU be as good next season?

Marcus blames the refs, wrestling gets two titles, Markel talks about the end of an era.




Jenni Carlson argues that this season was proof that OSU should keep Travis Ford. (NewsOK)

Smart: “It seemed like every call went against us no matter what. When the calls go against you, it’s hard to come back from that.” Gonzaga: 28 fouls, OSU: 33 fouls. (Yahoo)

This press conference with Nodaksta’s head coach is just incredible. (CBS Sports)

It’s official, I have Hoiberg envy. (Big Lead)

One man’s take on being there for what felt like a funeral after the Gonzaga-OSU game. Pretty interesting read. (ESPN)

So we won’t be worse without Marcus Smart and Markel Brown? I enjoy me some Ewing Theory as much as anyone but that’s pushing it. (NewsOK)

This Mercer photobomb robot was pretty underrated. (Deadspin)

Markel: “They jumped out on us, they delivered the first blow and after that we weren’t able to … whenever we made a run at them, they kind of countered it, so we were playing on our heels the whole game. It’s very tough playing like that.” (Scout)

But this season didn’t even come close to going the way he (or most) envisioned it going, and that’s too bad. (CBS Sports)

This Cleanthony dunk on Kentucky was unbelievable. I still contend that Wichita State is the best team in this tournament. They’d beat us by 40. (Big Lead)

How come when I read about this team it always seems like Markel is the most mature person in the building (coaches included)? (NewsOK)

Ubben is right, the Tournament is so unforgiving. (Fox Sports SW)

I honestly don’t know how to feel about Smart. This article on his legacy as a competitor and a really great player is probably right but he did so many things that were just not fun to watch.. (NewsOK)

You want to replace Ford with a 56-year-old who took down a deeply-flawed Duke team in the first round? No. (Tulsa World)

Markel Brown wept after the game on Friday. (PFB)

This will be in One Shining Moment. (Big Lead)

Nash: “I really wanted to play in the NBA. But I really don’t want to leave my mark in college as being in foul trouble and couldn’t help my team win.” (NewsOK)

Ready Gary Parrish on the Wichita State-Kentucky game. It’s great. (CBS Sports)

If the Cowboys are to be successful under Ford, the coach is going to have to change his approach. That might mean a different recruiting strategy. It definitely means more discipline. If not, you’ve probably seen the ceiling of what Ford can do at Oklahoma State. (Tulsa World)

10 thoughts on OSU-Gonzaga. (PFB)

The standard at Oklahoma State is higher than one NCAA Tournament win in six years. Yes it is. (Tulsa World)

Some reaction on the referees from the OSU-Gonzaga game. (NewsOK)

I feel bad for Douggie McD, especially that he had to go out against Scott Drew of all people. (Yahoo)

Photos from the OSU-Gonzaga game. (Flickr)

Coach K going to Mercer’s locker room after a loss was awesome. (CBS Sports)

Good superlatives recap of the first week of the Tournament. (Sports Illustrated)


BREAKING: JW Walsh is good at being a leader. (NewsOK)

Glenn Spencer: “I probably said the appropriate things (last year), but inside I knew we had a chance to be pretty good, whereas right now we are not very good.” (Tulsa World)

This on Gundy and access is excellent. (CRFF)

Yurcich on Rudolph: “He’s done a great job in the weight room, training, off-season conditioning and the film room as well. He’s been great.” (NewsOK)


Cowgirls move on in OT and face Purdue today. (ESPN)

Good news, we match up better with them. (NewsOK)

Good recap of the wrestling championships, OSU had five All-Americans but finished in third place overall. (Big 12 Sports)

My gosh, Rooney. (Deadspin)

Here are our two national titles.

“Highlights” from Friday.

John Smith is crazy and awesome.

One of my buddies made this at SXSW, pretty cool.

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