Daily Bullets: Could OSU be as good next season?

Written by Kyle Porter


Jenni Carlson argues that this season was proof that OSU should keep Travis Ford. (NewsOK)

Smart: “It seemed like every call went against us no matter what. When the calls go against you, it’s hard to come back from that.” Gonzaga: 28 fouls, OSU: 33 fouls. (Yahoo)

This press conference with Nodaksta’s head coach is just incredible. (CBS Sports)

It’s official, I have Hoiberg envy. (Big Lead)

One man’s take on being there for what felt like a funeral after the Gonzaga-OSU game. Pretty interesting read. (ESPN)

So we won’t be worse without Marcus Smart and Markel Brown? I enjoy me some Ewing Theory as much as anyone but that’s pushing it. (NewsOK)

This Mercer photobomb robot was pretty underrated. (Deadspin)

Markel: “They jumped out on us, they delivered the first blow and after that we weren’t able to … whenever we made a run at them, they kind of countered it, so we were playing on our heels the whole game. It’s very tough playing like that.” (Scout)

But this season didn’t even come close to going the way he (or most) envisioned it going, and that’s too bad. (CBS Sports)

This Cleanthony dunk on Kentucky was unbelievable. I still contend that Wichita State is the best team in this tournament. They’d beat us by 40. (Big Lead)

How come when I read about this team it always seems like Markel is the most mature person in the building (coaches included)? (NewsOK)

Ubben is right, the Tournament is so unforgiving. (Fox Sports SW)

I honestly don’t know how to feel about Smart. This article on his legacy as a competitor and a really great player is probably right but he did so many things that were just not fun to watch.. (NewsOK)

You want to replace Ford with a 56-year-old who took down a deeply-flawed Duke team in the first round? No. (Tulsa World)

Markel Brown wept after the game on Friday. (PFB)

This will be in One Shining Moment. (Big Lead)

Nash: “I really wanted to play in the NBA. But I really don’t want to leave my mark in college as being in foul trouble and couldn’t help my team win.” (NewsOK)

Ready Gary Parrish on the Wichita State-Kentucky game. It’s great. (CBS Sports)

If the Cowboys are to be successful under Ford, the coach is going to have to change his approach. That might mean a different recruiting strategy. It definitely means more discipline. If not, you’ve probably seen the ceiling of what Ford can do at Oklahoma State. (Tulsa World)

10 thoughts on OSU-Gonzaga. (PFB)

The standard at Oklahoma State is higher than one NCAA Tournament win in six years. Yes it is. (Tulsa World)

Some reaction on the referees from the OSU-Gonzaga game. (NewsOK)

I feel bad for Douggie McD, especially that he had to go out against Scott Drew of all people. (Yahoo)

Photos from the OSU-Gonzaga game. (Flickr)

Coach K going to Mercer’s locker room after a loss was awesome. (CBS Sports)

Good superlatives recap of the first week of the Tournament. (Sports Illustrated)


BREAKING: JW Walsh is good at being a leader. (NewsOK)

Glenn Spencer: “I probably said the appropriate things (last year), but inside I knew we had a chance to be pretty good, whereas right now we are not very good.” (Tulsa World)

This on Gundy and access is excellent. (CRFF)

Yurcich on Rudolph: “He’s done a great job in the weight room, training, off-season conditioning and the film room as well. He’s been great.” (NewsOK)


Cowgirls move on in OT and face Purdue today. (ESPN)

Good news, we match up better with them. (NewsOK)

Good recap of the wrestling championships, OSU had five All-Americans but finished in third place overall. (Big 12 Sports)

My gosh, Rooney. (Deadspin)

Here are our two national titles.

“Highlights” from Friday.

John Smith is crazy and awesome.

One of my buddies made this at SXSW, pretty cool.

  • Blake

    The biggest beef I have with Jenni’s article is this: it’s operating out of the wrong premise. Just because we somehow made it into the tourney does not equate to a successful season.

    • SoS

      She, also, doesn’t believe a coach should have control over his players. The Clark dismissal and Smart suspension are things that should not happen if you have a coach that holds players accountable. He doesn’t do that when you see that those incidents weren’t the first time these players had behavior issues.

      You can even look at it in Smart’s comments in officiating or how the team constantly whines when they don’t get calls. It’s an attitude thing, and frustrating to watch. Ford has no control over his players. The Cobbins injury should never have been an issue. He wasn’t a huge cog. We had 3 NBA talents on the roster…we had other big guys on the bench, but why even roster some of these players. What is Ford’s deal with not bringing in big players in recruiting? It’s not impossible to do. It is however, impossible for them to get playing time.

  • Okstate2011

    Hey, at least we know one thing… Ford can still fall back on his acting career he had from “The Sixth Man”…… http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0120142/

    • OklaStateU

      Well, he’s been “acting” like a Head Coach for the past six years at OSU, and we’re tired of his act.

  • Nate

    No surprise. Carlson is an idiot.

  • Nate

    Is that Helsley article some sort of sick joke? OSU will be picked no higher than eighth next year. And man oh man… I can’t wait for us to run the Keiton Page offense through Forte next year. The next few years are going to be ugly for this program.

  • Shaun

    People need to stop citing Smart’s 3 game suspension as something that Ford had to ‘deal with’, and thus attributing it as evidence of his ability to ‘right the ship’. This team was already in free-fall mode when that happened, and more than likely the way we were playing was added fuel to the frustration fire that contributed to the shove.

    It’s odd and somewhat frustrating that where he deserves blame he’s getting praise.

  • Kevin

    Ford’s dilemna as with every college coach in it’s current state….. Once you bench a premier talent like Smart, Wiggins, Parker, etc, you get the reputation in the recruiting world as you won’t let the young talent play. The other coaches will use that against you. This is why Self, Coach K and Boeheim are all at home currently. They played their young talent play too long. In the KU game, Wiggins wasn’t getting it done and should have been benched. This season, Smart should have been benched for his antics. But the stars get what they want. One game they’re on fire, the next they’re not. We will have this issue with this coach or the next coach. That said, Ford should be done, he isn’t getting it done. Lack of success has a greater impact on recruiting than benching the superstars.

    • Scott

      Kevin – if Smart would have been benched early on for jacking up horrible shots from behind the 3-line… it wouldn’t have been a continual problem all season long.
      If Smart would have been benched for his chair-kicking antics (Eddie would have lost his freaking mind over something like that), then I bet “the shove” doesn’t happen.
      If Ford would have said after game #2 “hey, stop whining to the refs after every single whistle”….
      If Ford would have said early on – “if you celebrate after a dunk and don’t immediately get back on D – you’ll sit for 10 minutes”…. think of how different this team would be.
      It’s all on Ford. Not a little bit of the blame – all of the blame.

      • Kevin

        You missed the point. ALL coaches have the decision on whether to or not bench the stars. Benching superstars impacts recruiting. Period. If you want another superstar, you probably don’t bench the one you got. No matter how big a crybaby they are.

        • Scott

          well my point is – if Ford had control of this team and dished out discipline where needed, with this talent, we’d be a winning program once again – and top recruits would be looking at OSU because of the program’s recent success – not because Ford is a “player’s coach”

          • Kevin

            I would argue we’ve never been a winning program, like Duke, Kansas, Kentucky, etc. Top recruits never looked at us with Eddie. Marcus Smart is our biggest recruit to ever step on campus. We were middle of the road with Eddie, recruiting wise. He was a great coach that got more out of marginal talent but to be successful in this basketball climate, you need the elite talent. They won’t come play with a disciplinarian. That’s a fact. I don’t argue Ford needs to go. I’m just saying the college basketball environment doesn’t allow these players to be coached and grow as a player. Future recruits never see that growth that would help them look beyond the discipline.

  • TeaTown Cowboy

    “It’s official, I have Hoiberg envy.” — Well, we all have ISU fan envy for having a guy like Hoiberg leading the charges.

  • Jeff Jones

    It was much harder to appreciate when he was playing against us but Deandre Kane is a grown ass man. Reminds me of Tony Allen in the way his toughness and attitude carry over to his teammates.

  • CJ

    Travis Ford is the only coach in the Big 12 to never get to the Sweet 16.

    • SoS

      he’s lucky to have made it to the round of 32

  • Adam

    Congrats to the wrestling team and two national champs! Great showing all around. I love watching Smith get excited for his guys.
    Also, good luck today Cowgirls!

  • WSU is not the best team in the tournament. They’re a very good team with a hell of a coach. That being said, they lost to the first good team they’ve played all year. Let’s face it, they played in a D-II level conference. Even if they were the best team in the country, it’s impossible to tell when they’re constantly playing teams like Bradley and Evansville. Those are the teams that get paid to play the big boys in the pre-season, to pad schedules.

    And Doug Gotliebb is absolutely right. Van Fleet is a good mid-major point guard. Shocker fans tore him a new one over that statement, but truth hurts. Early is a beast, though. That man was dropping UK players off left and right. Why the final play wasn’t set up for him, I’ll never know.

    OSU could only dream of the WSU coach replacing Ford. What he’d do with the talent we had…

    Quick note on the Creighton-Baylor game. Maybe it was part of the plan, but I was pretty disappointed in how passive McDermott played last night. I know Baylor was suffocating but he was way too unselfish. He’d get the ball and immediately give it up without even looking to score. I haven’t seen him do that all season.

    And I have to say, if Nash declares for the draft, it’ll be the dumbest move in his career. Last I checked, he’s nowhere near the draft boards. Not even the second round. He made so many strides this season, I have to believe he’s going to be big for us next year. With Newberry coming in and possibly making an immediate impact, this might not be as bad next year as some expect. Also, what’s up with Myles Turner?

    • Chino_05

      I couldn’t agree more about why the final play wasn’t drawn up for Early….or the one before that, for that matter. Baker is a hell of a player; but that (2nd to last possession) was a bad look and he bricked it. Early had been on fire for the past few minutes.

      On that final play, Early set a screen at the free throw line and then popped out to the left wing. He was open but Van Vleet didn’t reverse it to him; instead he took that sideways dribble and a poor shot. I would LOVE to know whether or not that was a play for Early or not.

      Regardless, great game. Too bad WSU’s season ended so early in the tourney. I love the way that team plays.

  • Georgia Matt

    Best quote from John Smith was “Anything but winning is failure.” That mentality is why Cowboy Wrestling has always been successful.

    • Adam

      What I like about Smith is that he has this “you have to win” mentality. Yet what makes him such a great coach and sets him aprt from the Nick Sabban’s of the world with that have a similar approach is that he truely loves the actual winning side. Watch him see his guys win an All-American, or take the championship. He loves it for his team and his guys.