Daily Bullets: Cowgirls carry torch deep into March

Written by Kyle Porter


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Cool look at the best in-game coaches (Travis Ford not listed). (Ken Pom)

This Aaron Gordon oop from last night was silly. (Big Lead)

We spend more on hoops than everyone in the south and west regions. Yay! (Deadspin)

The state of Oklahoma is most excited about Dayton. (Deadspin)

How Tyler Ennis’ decision affects Marcus Smart. (NewsOK)

Florida basketball has been to four straight Elite Eights. I’ll never get over the one they won in 2000. (Yahoo)


Weeden on the new facilities: “This is first class. I can’t imagine much being any better than this around the country. This is a first-class facility, everything about it. It’s obviously everything we need and we’ve needed it for a while. We’re fortunate to have a place this nice.” (NewsOK)

Cool Weeden interview here. He talked about the QBs: “I thought they all looked pretty good. I think Daxx Garman can just flat-out spin it. I think he sits back in the pocket and throws a good ball, very accurate. J.W., I was around him for a few years so I kind of know what he brings. He’s just a football player. He throws a good ball. You can tell he’s in complete control of the offense (and) again, just being a leader. (Freshman) Mason (Rudolph) looks good. From the reps I saw in team (periods), he sits back there and he’s a big kid. You can tell he’s still learning, but I think he’s a guy that has a pretty high ceiling.” (Tulsa World)

Do endorsement deals make more sense than a college athletics union? They kind of do. (Big Lead)

Ryan Simmons: “We’re pretty young. Guys haven’t made a name for themselves. As far as being hungry and going out and making a play, I don’t think there’s going to be a problem with that.” (NewsOK)

75 percent of Americans are against college athletes unionizing. Wow. (CBS Sports)

Gundy on Daxx: “I see kind of a little bit of a gleam in his eye.” (okstate)

This from Berry Tramel on the future of the NCAA and unionization is smart (though I disagree with parts of it) and I bet it’s close to where this eventually lands. (NewsOK)

Johnny Football’s pro day was a freak show. Presidents and their wives were there. (Deadspin)

Most people think Joe Mixon will win offensive freshman of the year. (ESPN)

Gundy: “Rob Glass could very well be the most important person in our program. Our strength and conditioning allows us to be hands-on with our players all year round.” (NewsOK)


Breaking down the Notre Dame-OSU game. Saturday at 1:30 CST. (ESPN)

Another good article previewing that game. (O’Colly)

Why Jeopardy has lasted 50 years. Chris Jones is an auto-read for me. (Esquire)

Why runners can’t eat whatever they want. This seems obvious? (WSJ)

This on niche sites and how to start and run them is terrific. (Press Think)

The old bell curve of newspapers no longer exists. (Stratechery)

Extremely profane but interesting piece by Magary on kids and the screens they watch. (The Concourse)

Maybe this is our Nate…


  • kspokesfan

    I can’t believe Travisty Ford was left out… That can’t even be considered a legitimate source if he is left out.

    • Pistols Fired!!

      Travis T. (for ‘terrible, just terrible’…) Ford…

      • T-Bone

        Or as Sir Charles would say. Turrible!

        • Pistols Fired!!

          I couldn’t get spell check to let me spell it that way… lol

  • kspokesfan

    Weeden is a class act… Enough said.

  • Rajder

    Seeing a lot of talk about Daxx Garman lately. I wonder if Gundy is setting him up to be the starter?

    • Laith

      Maybe at least some minutes

      • CRFF

        Unless Rudolph looks like a world beater I think Gundy redshirts him. One of those deals where he is 3rd string but never sees the field unless injuries force it.

        • Laith

          I think that’d be the best choice longterm

          • Mark

            I’m starting to agree. Sounds like Rudolph is where Lunt was two years ago. I’m starting to get intrigued by this Daxx kid, despite never having seen him play a down.

          • Laith

            Ya i’m curious about him as well. Obviously coaches know his skill and readiness levels better than you or I but if this year is just an all around rebuilding year, maybe that’s what’s best over the next several years. And who knows, Daxx could surprise us all

    • Pistols Fired!!

      I was thinking the same thing… Is Daxx our immediate QB of the future?? If he is as accurate and strong armed as we are being led to believe, how could he not be?? …and I still fully support JW to the slot!!! Just imagine the possibilities for creative play calling!!

  • Adam

    By the way, I have to give credit to those Purdue fans, they didn’t fill that stadium but it was a good showing and the people that were there were compleely into the game.
    Go Cowgirls!

    • Pistols Fired!!

      …completely into the game… until our Cowgirls broke their hearts!!! GO POKETTES!!!

  • Drew Hays

    I know they got smoked last night but anyone else think it’s funny that Texas is most excited about Dayton being in the Sweet 16 over Baylor?

  • OSU-Bill

    If a court rules that student athletes can unionize or that there is an anti-trust violation in the agreement of colleges and universities in athletics through the NCAA and such a decision gets upheld, I would bet any amount of money that Congress gives the NCAA an express exemption from those laws.

  • Pokelahoma

    Hey I just wanted to say I appreciate the “Other” section