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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets (December 7)



Crazy about Eight

Jenni Carlson made a fantastic argument for an eight-team playoff debunking one of it’s biggest perceived downsides: an irrelevant regular season.

Expand to eight teams with an automatic berth for a non-Power 5 team, and suddenly there are lots of teams with relevance. Lots more games that have it, too.

The games that gain the most relevance with an expanded playoff would be conference title games. [NewsOK]

Give me Cinderella. Let Ohio State figure out they don’t belong. And for heaven’s sake, make all the conference championship games relevant.

True Showmen

Virginia Tech has apparently put on a show in bowl games.

Mason Rudolph and the Cowboys’ high-powered offense vs. Bud Foster and Virginia Tech’s aggressive defense should be one of the best non-New Year’s Six matchups.

Moreover, the Hokies have turned in some of the year’s best bowl games in each of the past two seasons, with a shootout vs. Tulsa in 2015 and a dramatic comeback vs. Arkansas last year. [ESPN]

35 unanswered points!

OSU and NCAA Notes

Rob Glass makes T5 money for a strength coach – worth every penny….Nice contract quirks for football assistants….Tram breaks down the Big 12’s bowl outlook….History of OSU bowl games in Florida

Those numbers for nine wins feels a bit like empty calories but it certainly isn’t.

SMU’s Chad Morris to Arkansas feels like Diet-Gus.

Ole Miss transfer Shea Patterson headed to see Harbaugh this weekend.

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